Ashford Kitchens & Interiors has been a specialist member of the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) since 1984. We are one of 300 fully accredited, UK based, independent retailers recognised for providing the highest quality advice about key home improvements.

Ashford can provide all the knowledge and practical knowhow required to design and install your new or updated fitted kitchen, bedroom or home office.

KBSA membership should add to your confidence that Ashford Kitchens and Interiors is the right company to supply your needs, as we are continually measured against the KBSA organisation’s exacting quality standards.

You can be double assured that we will always offer a highly professional, bespoke and cost effective service from design to installation and can introduce you to a very wide range of high quality modern, traditional and luxury kitchens, bedrooms and home offices.

Peace of mind KBSA Insurance

ALL supply and fit installations are insured through the KBSA ConsumerCare Plus insurance scheme, which covers the deposit, advanced payments, work-in-progress and a 6-year warranty. Further details are available directly from Ashford Kitchens and Interiors when you discuss your requirements, or from the KBSA website ( This insurance is extra protection for you and is only available from accredited KBSA specialists such as Ashford Kitchens and Interiors.

So, you can buy with confidence, have peace of mind during installation and delight in the quality of the end result when you allow Ashford to help you design and install your dream home improvement!

Top ten benefits of buying a kitchen, bedroom or home office from a registered KBSA Member.

Financial Protection Scheme

  • If you buy from a KBSA retail member you can benefit from either one of the two Consumer Protection Schemes, ConsumerCare Deposit protection or the more comprehensive ConsumerCare Plus Scheme provided by the retail member.
  • KBSA retail members will usually only ask for a 25% deposit once a kitchen, bedroom or home office plan has been agreed. Be wary of companies who ask for full payment up front!

Design and installation expertise

  • All KBSA retail members offer a design and installation service, and will take full legal responsibility for all the work involved in the contract, including the fitting of units, plumbing (gas and water) and electrics.

Reliable, consistant service and installation

  • Where you see the KBSA logo you can be reassured that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable company.
  • All KBSA retail members are required to have been trading solvently for over two years. You can rest assured that none of them are ‘fly by night’ companies.
  • KBSA retail members are continuously vetted by our officers to ensure they continue to uphold the high standards of the Association.
  • All KBSA retail members have their own showrooms with permanently fitted displays, so that you can personally check and see the quality of the kitchen, bedroom or home office you are buying.
  • KBSA retail members will be able to supply all the products that they have on display.

Backed by the KBSA

  • The KBSA operates a comprehensive complaints procedure and all complaints are investigated.
  • Using a KBSA retail member offers you peace of mind!