Bedroom Colour Ideas for 2019

The Bedroom is the room we all look forward to most at the end of a long, hard day. While the kitchen is the room that requires practicality, it is the bedroom where comfort, appearance and decor are all essential. It’s in the bedroom where we shut down, seek refuge and recharge to start anew. Bedrooms are our safe sanctuaries and we need to design them accordingly. So choosing the right colour is essential.

Here we take you through our bedroom colour guide and suggest some colour ideas for your new bedroom design in 2019.

Sienna Rural Oak - fitted bedroom from Ashford Kitchens and Interiors Ltd.

Keep Colour Ideas Simple

First things first – don’t go overboard. Too much of anything is a bad thing and in the bedroom, it’s better to keep the colour simple. A single colour creates an illusion of more space. It blurs edges and corners so that whatever size the room, it feels more spacious and less claustrophobic. If you have several different shades and colours in the bedroom, it can make the room feel convoluted and stressful. So when it comes to colour, less is more.

Spend your time choosing the perfect single colour — not experimenting with different colours or shades.

Stay Away from Bright and Bold Colour Designs

Some people recommend being brave when it comes to bedroom design. As the most private room in the house, they feel the bedroom is just the place to express your creativity, experiment a little and release your inner child.

Quite the opposite is true. Bright, loud colours are highly inadvisable in the bedroom. For they are neither cosy or relaxing and while you might occasionally love their strength and vibrancy, they are not always going to match your mood.

Reds, for example, are a definite no. Red represents fire, blood and passion. It is the most emotionally intense colour and one that is often used to attract attention. The colour red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing, two things you want to avoid when trying to sleep. So keep colours calm and neutral.

Stay Neutral, Stay Clean

While we don’t recommend bold, intense colours in the bedroom, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to black and white. Greens, yellows, purples and blues can be worth experimenting with but try to choose colours from the middle of the colour spectrum.

Lighter or deeper shades can work provided they are not too extreme. A very bright blue, yellow or green, for instance, can have a similar effect to red. On the other hand, dark blue or green can be too dark and gloomy.

Stick with Soft, Pastoral Colours

The best colours for the bedroom are delicate, soft pastorals. Muted pastoral tones allow the bedroom walls to become a calm backdrop. As these colours are neutral and modest, they become a soothing surrounding that does not demand attention from the senses. Pastoral colours are the perfect backdrop for accessories and ornaments that lend your bedroom a personal or original touch. So let the objects you love make a statement while your bedroom’s background colour remains modest and neutral.

Blue and Grey Colour Schemes

If there is a leading colour for bespoke bedrooms, it’s a shade between blue and grey. Light blues and greys are some of the most popular bedroom colours because of their soothing effect on the mind. We associate blue with the sky, sea and peace. It evokes feelings of calmness and security and so lowers your heart rate, making it the perfect colour for a tranquil bedroom.

Milan Light Grey - fitted bedroom design from Ashford Kitchens and Interiors Ltd.

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Stephen Flower

Written by Stephen Flower

Stephen is Managing Director and Senior Designer at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors. He oversees both the showrooms in Ashford, Middlesex and Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire. Stephen has over 16 years of experience in the Interior Design/Home Improvement industry. Stephen started his career with the John Lewis Partnership before joining his family business in 2010.

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