We regard the kitchen as the heart of the home. However, in recent years, the kitchen island has become the beating heart of the kitchen itself. Kitchen islands are now a staple of fashionable home design, with a variety of shapes and sizes available — each offering customisable design features to suit a variety of tastes and requirements.

Here, we take you through some of our favourite kitchen island design trends and ideas — each with its own unique function, style and personality — to inspire you with ideas and aspirations for your own home.

The Spacious and Simple Kitchen Island

Simple deep blue kitchen island with zinc worktop by Ashford Kitchens and Interiors Ltd.The long, spacious manor house kitchen island is a bold way to make a statement in your kitchen. Its zinc worktop, which lies on top of a deep blue kitchen island, provides a substantial surface that’s perfect for preparing large meals, yet minimalistic and easy to clean.

The island also boasts a plethora of drawers for plenty of storage space, as well as side seating and overhanging lights. The dark zinc worktop and Oxford blue base contrast perfectly with the lightly coloured walls and countertops.

The Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Multifunctional kitchen island with bookshelf.The family kitchen island makes use of every nook and cranny. This kitchen island is home to a sink, hobs, bookshelf, storage space, closed wine rack and seating. Is it possible to get any more out of a kitchen island? The number of functions this kitchen island covers is quite incredible, and it does it all while looking stunning and homely.

It’s hard not to admire this beautiful kitchen island. Storage boxes and cookery books can become a feature of the kitchen on the island’s end shelf unit, while there is also plenty of room for seating. A colour scheme of neutral whites and greys on the worktops and surrounding walls cleverly balances all this activity.

The Kitchen Island with a Dedicated Chopping Board

Kitchen island with dedicated chopping board by Ashford Kitchens and Interiors Ltd.

This wonderful sage grey and white kitchen with a dedicated kitchen island chopping area gives you the best of both worlds, providing a beautiful, polished white Silestone worktop and a solid butcher’s block. This designated chopping station will appeal to those who like to keep everything organised and in its space, while it’s also highly practical.

Style isn’t sacrificed for practicality with this kitchen island, with the butcher’s block and solid oak floors providing harmony with the white Silestone countertops, as the patinas and natural colour of the wood stand out against the neutral Silestone. The U-shape kitchen island layout also offers seating as well as open and closed storage spaces.

The Compact and Convenient Island with an Open Wine Rack

Wood Framed Painted Green - kitchen design

We love a kitchen island that is innovative while keeping things neat, and this kitchen island does just that. This compact and convenient kitchen island combines simple dimensions with generous storage space and an aesthetically appealing open wine rack. Traditional closed-off storage space is offered on both sides of the kitchen island, while a beautifully sleek wine rack sits on the visible side.


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