Recent Cookery Demonstration in Ashford, Middlesex

As 5* Neff MasterPartners, Ashford Kitchens and Interiors have access to the full Neff ranges, and priority to their exclusive appliance ranges. By choosing a 5* Neff MasterPartner you are assured of the highest quality and design as we are passionate about the quality of our Kitchens.

We were extremely privileged to have home economist, Adrienne, from Neff create some delicious treats in our Ashford Showroom at our recent cookery demonstration. Adrienne baked beautiful cookies, scrumptious scones, a delightful carrot cake, vegetarian chili, luscious salmon, charming curried cauliflower, and many more wonderful delicacies.

Whilst everyone was enjoying all of the incredible food on offer, we also had a prize draw with a set of designer pans for the winner. This was a fantastic opportunity for all customers, old and new to ask questions about each Neff appliance, with answers from our Neff specialist. With all of the team available throughout the demonstration, it was lovely to interact with everyone that came to enjoy the evening with us.

As 5* MasterPartners, we have an extensive range of appliances on display, in different combinations across the Showroom so you can decide what is right for you! We also have top of the range Neff appliances in working condition in order to show you exactly how the controls operate. We have dedicated staff who are experts in kitchen design, and also have extensive knowledge of all appliances as we have worked with Neff for many years!

If you would like any further information regarding any of the Neff appliances, please do not hesitate to contact us, email or come in to either of our stunning showrooms where we are always happy to help.

Isabel Shelley

Written by Isabel Shelley

Isabel is the Showroom Manager of Ashford Kitchens & Interiors. Isabel is based at the companies Farnham Common showroom in Buckinghamshire and joined the company in 2014. Isabel has fast become an important part of the Ashford team. With a passion for providing excellent customer service, she enjoys the satisfaction of a successfully completed project and a delighted customer.

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