Choosing your Glass Splashback

Bespoke glass splashbacks are fast becoming the wallpaper of the kitchen. They are one of the first elements of the kitchen you notice as soon as you step inside. So how do you choose what colour, pattern, or picture to have in your new kitchen?

At Ashford Kitchens, there are a range of 44 standard colours to choose from, and that’s just the beginning! There are also special effects of these standard colours, such as sparkle, satin, metallic and shimmer finishes, if you fancy getting a little bit more out of your backsplash, without taking away from the standard colour you choose!

One way to really express yourself through your new space is by your glass splashback. You could choose; your favourite colour, a pattern that reflects the mood of your new space, a scene of somewhere that means something to you or a pattern that you just absolutely adore and would like to show off to everyone around you. You even could choose one of the many kinetic patterns if you are dying for an abstract splashback in your new kitchen!

You can add a natural feel into your new space, by incorporating a splashback such as the one pictured. Adding this can create a much calmer space, and something to really stand out in your kitchen. The beauty of the splashbacks being bespoke means that it does not break up the picture. Unlike tiles, glass splashbacks do not have grout lines, which means it is easier to keep clean and much more hygienic.

Adding a feature such as the ocean splashback, pictured, really does add a soothing and calming atmosphere to the kitchen space. We love the idea of these landscape splashbacks and the moods that they reflect. As the kitchen becomes the ‘hub of the home’ making it a welcoming and calming environment is essential, and these splashbacks do this effortlessly.

Splashbacks also appear to make the room look larger by reflecting the light in the space. They are toughened to withstand a heat source and because they are bespoke, they can incorporate socket cut outs, holes or notches. A full template and installation service is provided when your glass splashback is purchased through Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, we can also offer a supply-only option on some singular panel purchases.

If you are looking for a glass splashback in your kitchen, and would like to change the look of your kitchen with a bespoke piece unique to you, come into one of our large showrooms to see the range of designs and colours we have on offer and pick the perfect splashback for you! Our showrooms in Ashford, Middlesex and Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire are open 9:00 – 17:30 Monday to Saturday.