Over the years, your kitchen will experience lots of wear and tear. Deciding to renovate the space can completely transform the way you use your kitchen and make it more suitable for your everyday needs. However, turning your dream kitchen into a reality isn’t always a straightforward process. The kitchen is known for being one of the hardest rooms in the home to renovate and lots of homeowners make the same mistakes during the process. 

Kitchen design and installation mistakes can lead to headaches, delays and unexpected expenses. Learning more about the common problems homeowners face and how to prevent them during your renovation project can save you time, money and a lot of stress. Let’s explore the typical issues encountered during kitchen projects and how to steer clear of them;

Failing to Properly Plan

It isn’t uncommon for people to be unaware of how much work a kitchen renovation entails, especially when you’re completely ripping out your old kitchen and installing something new. They won’t properly plan the renovation, overlooking the importance and benefits of things such as 3D Computer Aided Designs. Arguably, the initial phases of any interior design project are the most important and a lack of planning can result in several problems later down the line. 

You should take the time to visit a kitchen showroom to explore all of the options available and get some tailored advice from a kitchen expert. Following this, you should have your kitchen professionally measured so that a detailed design can be created. A 3D design enables you to visualise the layout and all other aspects of the new kitchen before placing your order and committing to the new design. This will help to ensure you’re happy with the finished result. 

Overlooking Workflow

While aesthetics may be a key priority for your new kitchen installation, you shouldn’t forget about the functionality of the space. Ignoring workflow in a kitchen can result in the space being uncomfortable and inefficient, making your everyday life much harder. 

Do some research into the kitchen triangle concept and learn more about the best way to lay out your kitchen to ensure it’s convenient and ergonomic to use. It can be useful to get some guidance from an experienced designer when it comes to workflow. They may be able to recommend layout options that you hadn’t considered before. Don’t forget to consider things like the height of cabinets and countertops for ease of access too. 

Avoiding Kitchen Installation Mistakes

Choosing Low-Quality Materials

If you have a limited budget for your kitchen renovation, you may be searching for ways to save money. Lots of homeowners think that opting for lower-quality materials is the easiest way to cut costs and whilst this might be true, it’s not always the right thing to do. Low-quality materials may save money initially but they can result in premature wear and tear, and costly repairs. 

To ensure your kitchen stands the test of time, invest in durable and high-quality materials for all core areas of your kitchen. You may be surprised by how many budget-friendly options there are to choose from and just how diverse kitchen collections can be. When you seek professional advice, a kitchen designer can suggest different ways to save costs too, so you don’t have to compromise on the best materials to make your design budget-friendly. 

Attempting DIY Installation

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners tend to make is assuming they can complete a kitchen renovation by themselves. A DIY installation may seem like a feasible solution, however, it often ends in disappointment. It’s so easy to make mistakes when you’re installing a kitchen, especially if you don’t have any experience. This can result in you spending more money in the long run to fix the problems you’ve caused. 

It’s much more beneficial to work with a local kitchen company on both the design and installation. Getting a team of experts to fit your new kitchen can help to ensure that the finished product is flawless. They will have the skills and knowledge required to overcome any challenges they may face during the installation. Not to mention, they will ensure that your kitchen meets all building regulations and you have the required certifications.

Poor Artificial Lighting 

Even if your kitchen has ample natural light during the day, artificial lighting is still essential. Inadequate or improperly placed lighting can impact the functionality of your kitchen, and make it much harder for you to use the space in the evenings. 

Ideally, you should incorporate lighting into your original designs and it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Explore ambient, accent and task lighting, and how they can be used throughout a kitchen to make it more practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Don’t be afraid to layer lighting and have different lighting solutions to meet different needs. A kitchen designer can recommend some ways to incorporate artificial lighting into the space. 

Forgetting About Ventilation

Similarly to the bathroom, the kitchen can be very humid and without proper ventilation, you will experience moisture problems. Often, simply opening a window isn’t enough in the kitchen and you will need to install things like extractor fans to help remove moisture from the air. Forgetting about ventilation is likely to result in problems with damp and mould. 

Regardless of whether you decide to install an electric, gas or induction hob, it’s worth looking into the different extraction methods. In addition to traditional extractor hoods, you can also get downdraft hoods that are designed to be discreetly installed on your worktops. There is a solution for every kitchen to support natural ventilation and remove moisture as well as odours from the kitchen when you’re cooking. 

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Skimping on Storage Solutions

It can be easy to underestimate the amount of storage space you need in your kitchen. Not having enough storage can result in a cluttered kitchen and limit the amount of usable worktop space you have. When your kitchen essentials don’t have a dedicated home, you can spend hours looking for the things you need too. 

Always take the time to think about your storage needs for things such as utensils and appliances as well as food items. Get some assistance from an experienced kitchen designer to maximise your storage space and ensure you have plenty of cabinets and drawers for the things you keep in your kitchen. There are lots of innovative storage solutions for modern kitchens that can help to improve the efficiency of your space. 

Arranging a Professional Kitchen Installation in Egham

Now you know more about some of the most common issues homeowners face when renovating their kitchens, you can ensure you’re avoiding them and your kitchen project is hassle-free. Remember, the kitchen is more than just a place to cook, it’s a space that reflects your lifestyle and personality. By preventing these common installation mistakes, you can create a kitchen that is functional, beautiful and stands the test of time. 

If you need some assistance with your new kitchen, be sure to contact the Ashford Kitchens & Interiors team. We provide an end-to-end service for homeowners wanting to upgrade their kitchens and you can turn to us in confidence for assistance with kitchen renovations in Egham. Our experienced, friendly team can help to keep your kitchen project on track and provide you with ongoing advice to ensure it’s a success. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your Egham kitchen renovation. 


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