We are often asked the question — what exactly is a Shaker kitchen? Modern Shaker style kitchens trace their roots back to the middle of the eighteenth century when The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing — a Christian sect more commonly known as “́the Shakers”́ — was founded. The Shakers lived by principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. This meant a deliberate aversion of ornaments and excessive decoration that was popular in furniture at the time. As a mostly self-sufficient society, the Shakers would grow their own food and construct their communities with what they had. There was little room for ostentatious design and everything was utilised following Shaker principles.

Shaker furniture was finely crafted focusing on function and durability rather than fancy decoration. It is this that gives Shaker kitchen furniture the minimalist charm that it has today. Shaker designers sought a combination of simplicity and functionality — so in a Shaker kitchen, everything has its place. Storage is a key part of the Shaker kitchen identity and so all pieces of furniture are used to their utmost potential. An aversion to lavish living means that the shaker-style kitchen is honest, practical and functional with a purposeful lack of adornments.

At Ashford Kitchens & Interiors we love the simple, understated style that Shaker kitchens offer. We’re incredibly proud of the distinctive bespoke Shaker kitchens we have installed in the past and feel the timeless appeal makes it a British classic. The two-tone kitchen colour schemes and neutral earthy colours that are frequent in Shaker Kitchens make them feel sleek and stylish while keeping the Shaker identity.