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Neff is one of the UK’s leading providers of in built-in kitchen appliances. Known for the quality, durability and style of its product range, this German brand has been popular since 1914, when it made its first gas oven. Today, Neff is at the forefront of kitchen engineering, producing cutting-edge appliances that make your modern kitchen more functional and beautiful. In this post, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Neff appliances for fitted kitchens.

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Neff kitchen appliances

For those who love cooking

Since 1877 we’re on a mission. We set out to develop ideas which are exactly what enthusiastic cooks are looking for. Slide&Hide®, CircoTherm® and TwistPad®, for example, are ideal for everyone who enjoys creating great food toghether with family and friends. Discover some of our highlight features.

Neff Circo Therm® Oven – Cook, Roastplay icon

Neff Circo Therm® Oven – Cook, Roast, Bake In One Go

Neff Vario Steam® Ovenplay icon

Neff Vario Steam® Oven – Cook Faster Function

Neff Full Touch Control Ovenplay icon

Neff Full Touch Control Oven – Fingertip Control

Neff Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Ovenplay icon

Neff Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Oven – Easy To Clean

Discover the Neff Kitchen Appliances Range

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors supplies the full range of built-in Neff appliances for fitted kitchens. The current Neff range is diverse enough to suit any bespoke kitchen, no matter its size or shape. We’ve provided information about some of the most popular Neff kitchen appliances below, and you can always visit us instore to see the full Neff range we have available.

Neff Built-In Ovens

Neff offers a wide range of built-in ovens, including single and double ovens in stainless steel, black, and white designs. You can choose between microwave ovens, steam ovens and pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens, which let you simply press a button to turn baking, roasting and grilling residue into ash that can be wiped away with a cloth. Whatever your preferences and requirements, Neff has an oven to suit you.

Neff offers a wide range of built-in ovens

Slide&Hide® Ovens

For over fifteen years, creative cooks around the world have been choosing Slide&Hide® ovens for their fitted kitchens. Featuring a comfortable rotating handle and fully retractable door that disappears under the oven cavity, this innovative oven is compact, fits easily into any kitchen design and takes up the minimum amount of exterior space, while also offering a generous inside space.

All Slide&Hide® ovens feature CircoTherm®, Neff’s unique hot-air system for simultaneous baking and roasting on up to three levels. They come with dual cleaning options: pyrolytic cleaning for after the oven has seen heavy use and EasyClean® — the quick and easy option for day-to-day maintenance. Other features include Shift Control for fast navigation through menus and simple operation, and a TFT high-resolution display that makes programming your oven easy.

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors offers a wide range of Slide&Hide® ovens for selection as part of your bespoke fitted kitchen installation, including single ovens and VarioSteam® steam-assisted ovens.

CircoTherm® Double Ovens

Neff double ovens feature CircoTherm® — an award-winning hot-air system that makes it easy to simultaneously bake and roast on up to three levels. They also feature innovative cleaning abilities, such as a self-cleaning catalytic coating to make cleaning the sides of your oven easier, and a special cleaning programme to help keep the base of your oven clean. Neff double ovens also feature an easily removable clip-on rail that is flexible and easy to use on all shelf levels, as well as a meat probe to ensure that all meats are cooked perfectly every time.

Want a Neff Built-In Oven in your kitchen? Contact our team today for pricing and installation enquiries.

Neff Hobs for Fitted Kitchens

Neff offers the most innovative and flexible hobs on the market, with the amazing Domino hob combining gas and induction features into one amazing design, and plenty of ceramic, induction and gas hobs to choose from. Whether you need a small two-hob layout, a large five-hob layout or something in between, Neff has a design for your kitchen.

Domino Hobs – the Ultimate Bespoke Solution

The incredible new Domino hob provides you with the flexibility and power you need to cook the perfect dish, without taking up too much of your work surface. This unique hob allows you to combine different types of cooking zones to create a hob that suits your cooking style, with the option to mix and match gas, Flex Induction and even Teppan Yaki hobs! For instance, you could combine a 30cm gas hob with a 30cm Flex Induction and a 40cm Teppan Yaki hob to prepare the ultimate Asian-fusion feast. Want to mix a full-size hob with an extra domino zone? That’s no problem, and you can change your set up whenever you like.

Induction Hobs

Neff is famous for the quality and durability of its induction hobs, which generate heat directly in the cookware for precise cooking and minimal risk of overcooking. Choose between frameless induction hobs with faceted edges or hobs with a bevelled front edge. TouchControl allows you to control the hob with a single tap, while FlexInduction allows you to place your pots and pans anywhere you want and heat them evenly. The Power Boost function allows for more flexible power and faster heating. You can opt for a model with the TwistPad® Fire function, a removable, magnetic, illuminated knob that gives you precise control over all cooking zones, and you can also add the FryingSensor function, which has five selectable temperature settings that monitor the set temperature for particular kinds of food and holds it steady. FryingSensor is particularly good when cooking delicate foods, such as fish.

Neff Induction Hobs

Ceramic Hobs

Neff supplies standalone electric hobs that feature TouchControl functionality for one-touch operation. The glass ceramic material is very easy to clean, durable and produces an optimal, even cooking temperature. You can choose between models with dedicated roasting zones, stainless-steel flush-fitted trims and Power Boost functionality for more flexible and faster heating.

Contact our expert team today for pricing and installation enquiries on Neff Hobs.

Other Neff Kitchen Appliances


Neff supplies top-of-the-range built-in microwaves that fit seamlessly into your cabinetry and have a range of handy features. Depending on the model you choose, you can benefit from automatic programmes that suggest ideal cooking times, a full-touch TFT display or a memory function, which allows you to select your favourite settings with the touch of a button. You can have the door mounted on the left or right, depending on what best fits your kitchen, as well as opt for one-touch buttons, which make it easy to quickly and easily pick the right settings.

Steam Ovens

Neff’s new range of FullSteam® ovens combine conventional CircoTherm® oven and steam cooker heating, for fresher vegetables that have intense flavours and retain their flavours. Simply fill the oven’s concealed one litre container and choose whether to cook using part steam or 100% pure steam.

Warming drawers

With stepless temperature controls, handleless designs and easy installation, Neff warming drawers are ideal for keeping food warm after preparation and before service. The push-and-pull design allows you to give the drawer a simple push to open it. Warming drawers can also be combined with your compact Neff oven for a streamlined, stylish and practical layout.

Vacuum drawers

Neff vacuum drawers make it easy to vacuum seal your favourite foods with a maximum 99% vacuum, for the finest of flavours and greater longevity. Stock up your fridge and freezer with appetising and convenient portions of vacuum sealed gravy, sauces, herbs, cut fruit and vegetables. You can also use your vacuum drawer to reseal glass jars or to vacuum seal ingredients into a sealed bag, ready for cooking in your Neff oven with Sous-Vide function!

Cooker Hoods

Neff offers a range of powerful, discreet and functional cooker hoods that are quiet and effective. You can choose between wall-mounted cooker hoods, integrated furniture installations, ceiling installations and worktop installation hoods.

Fridges and Freezers

Neff supplies a wide selection of fridges and freezers to suit every style and size of built-in kitchen, including American-style double-door fridge freezers, which are increasingly popular and highly convenient.


Neff is a leading supplier of fully integrated and semi-integrated dishwashers designed to fit seamlessly behind the cabinet doors in your kitchen. Neff dishwashers have an A+++ energy efficiency rating and feature Zeolith mineral-assisted drying for beautiful clean plates.

Neff Dishwasher

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