The kitchen has long been made up of the same core essentials — with access to water, heat and surfaces, you’re on your way. Every so often, new appliances come along and change the game, but toasters, kettles, microwaves and other talismanic appliances of the past can roll on over because Quooker has optimised an appliance to satisfy kitchen lovers around the world. Here at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, we’re huge admirers of Quooker’s work and are overjoyed with its latest genius addition to modern kitchen design. In this post, you’ll find out all you need to know.

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Quooker is an internationally recognisable name in kitchen design, representing top-of-the-range technology. The world’s first boiling water tap holds global patents on the many parts that define it. This makes it both peerless and unique.


Quooker is a Dutch company that offers us the most multi-functional and versatile boiling water tap on the planet. For 30 years, Quooker has been innovating, refining and adjusting its boiling water tap to make it the most optimum tap a kitchen can have today. A Quooker hot tap has the ability to immediately dispense both filtered and boiling water from a patented compact tank with high-vacuum insulation stored under the kitchen worktop. On top of this, it uses significantly less energy than your bog-standard tap.

A Quooker tank is connected to the water mains and acts like a vacuum-sealed thermos flask from beneath the worktop. This tank possesses an insulation wall and the air within is so thin that heat is unable to escape from it. Consequently, the tank requires just 10 watts to keep the water within the tank at 110 degrees — allowing water to immediately come out boiling. The tank is easily accessible under the worktop and can even be opened and cleaned. This is completely safe and ensures your Quooker boiling water tap lasts longer.

Water only begins boiling once the tap is properly turned on. This is achieved with a smooth double push and turn motion. The base of the tap then lights up to signal that boiling water is being used. The entire spout is insulated and is in no way affected by the water within. It also swivels smoothly and, on many models, the height is easily adjustable. As the boiling water leaves the compact tank, fresh water instantly begins to flow in, refilling the tank within seconds.



There is no individual aspect of the Quooker boiling water tap that makes it unique, but rather a combination of many flawless and innovative attributes. Its avant-garde design, refined technology, versatility, safety and economic efficiencies all contribute to make the Quooker boiling water tap what it is. The kettle, and all the dangers that come with it, is a thing of the past.


Quooker is defined by its meticulous nature. Innovation, refinement, adjustment and optimisation are at the core of Quooker and the company strives for perfection. Perseverance in pursuit of the optimal model is characteristic of inventors and Quooker is no exception — constantly attempting to evolve and improve its products to further satisfy customers who have become raving advocates of the brand.

The most recent development is the Quooker Cube, to make life in the kitchen even easier — offering chilled filtered water and chilled sparkling water. No need to buy plastic water bottles and it is completely instant!


The versatility of Quooker’s taps is also key to the company’s success. Whether your kitchen needs a separate boiling water tap with an accompanying mixer tap or you need a single tap for cold, hot, filtered and boiling water, Quooker has a solution for your kitchen. Taps at Quooker do everything and more than the ordinary tap — they keep things simple while offering multiple new capabilities.

The Flex tap, for example, is Quooker’s boiling water tap that is equipped with a flexible pull-out hose. The pull-out hose feature is an inaugural addition to kitchen design and allows things like chopping boards or fruit and veg to be rinsed and cleaned with ease. A boiling water-stop feature makes it impossible for the hose to dispense boiling water while it is pulled out, making it safe and efficient.

Quooker’s taps also come in eight different designs and two sleek finishes — polished chrome and stainless steel. The fusion tap offers three extra finishes in an elegant black, a glamorous gold and a classic patinated brass — so you can find the right fit for your kitchen.

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Quooker has its humble origins in Ridderkerk, a small town in the west of the Netherlands. Quooker’s inventor, Henri Bernard Peteri, studied at Delft’s University of Technology before World War Two broke out. In 1941, shortly after being awarded a Bronze Cross for his bravery, Henri Peteri, along with his brother, paddled across the North Sea in a double canoe for 56 hours to join the English forces. For some years after the war, Henri Peteri lived in England working as a physicist and inventor before returning to the Netherlands and seeking a patent for the Quooker boiling water tap. He was granted this patent in 1978, and in 1985, after seven years of adapting and perfecting the boiling water tap, he and his two sons released them to the market.

What we know as Quooker today was properly founded in 1987 and registered as a brand two years later in 1989. Quooker has since gone on to launch its products in England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates. Every day, however, over 250 members of the Quooker team in Ridderkerk contribute to the production and development of Quooker from their 11,000-square metre office in Western Netherlands. It is there in Ridderkerk, the town in which Quooker started out, where the assembly begins and quality control and refinery takes place. Even today, Ridderkerk remains the home of the brand’s development.

Henri Peteri’s two sons — Niels and Walter Peteri — are responsible for Quooker today. Niels takes care of the technical evolution of the business while Walter handles all things commercial. Despite playing down their success and modestly refusing to be labelled as an ambitious organisation, Niels credits the family‘s pioneering spirit and is fully aware that Quooker contributes a particularly unique product to modern kitchen design.

Quooker is an internationally recognisable name in kitchen design, representing top-of-the-range technology. The world’s first boiling water tap holds global patents on the many parts that define it. This makes it both peerless and unique. Regardless of the founding family’s modesty, this 100% Dutch invention has become an immovable asset in contemporary kitchens and is fully deserving of its praise.


Quooker’s compact kitchen cupboard tank makes the tap a system of optimum efficiency. Insulated walls keep air thin so that a 110-degree Celsius heat is maintained and nothing escapes. This allows the tank to function at just 10 watts. The patented high-vacuum insulation means that a Quooker boiling water tap’s standby power consumption costs just three pence per day, which will save you a significant sum when it comes to your energy bills.

The Quooker tap is 60% more energy efficient than other boiling water taps. With Quooker’s cost-effective and innovative technology, there is no need to pipe heated water from your main boiler to your kitchen sink. Instead, its water tank does all the work, which means no more waiting for the water to warm while you run the tap. You’ll have access to immediate hot water and experience big energy savings with Quooker.


With a boiling water tap, there will inevitably be questions about safety, but worry not; there is no room for error and all hazards have been completely eradicated.

The double-push-and-turn handle means that boiling water cannot leave the tap without you wanting it to, so there’s no risk of boiling water leaking out. When you do require boiling water and push the handle, the base of the tap illuminates, signalling clearly that hot water is on its way.

On top of this, the tap’s entire spout is completely insulated and swivels smoothly for touch and comfort. Unlike most taps, the Quooker boiling water tap does not produce a sporadic flow of water but instead provides a controlled, aerated spray. What does this mean? Having been charged with gas, the stream is much softer than the solid jet of water produced by normal taps. This prevents the risk of serious scalds or burns while keeping the water tasty and smooth — whatever the temperature.

The Quooker boiling water tap doesn’t create any dangers but actually provides a solution to existing safety risks. Gone are the potential health risks that kettles represent and gone too is the clutter of ugly leads on the worktop. A Quooker tap also cannot be knocked over or spill — it’s a secure, effective and, once you’ve tried it, indispensable member of your kitchen setup.


Like our team at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, Quooker prides itself on its high-quality service. It works closely with dealers but remains responsible for the full function and efficiency of its state-of-the-art taps. As such, Quooker provides service support and assistance directly to its customers, from sending extra parts to conducting speedy on-site repairs.

Time-saving, space-saving, energy efficient, water efficient, versatile and ultra-safe, these qualities are what make the Quooker boiling water tap unique and exactly why we are proud to feature them in our fitted kitchen designs.