Although Christmas may still seem far away, it is quickly creeping up on us and none of us want to be rushing around close to the big day unprepared. We all love bringing festivity to the heart of our homes; our kitchens, which is why they are the perfect place to decorate. Decorating your kitchen space for the festive season can be a difficult task though and you should start planning now to ensure that your kitchen is Christmas-ready come December. 

Our kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in our homes over Christmas where we spend time cooking hearty meals, baking, spending time with our family and friends, and enjoying the festive atmosphere. Giving your kitchen a festive makeover will make your cooking space feel all that more cosy, warm and festive and bring joy to not just you but the entire family. We want to share with you a few tips and ideas on how to get your kitchen Christmas ready this year. 

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors are specialists when it comes to designing and installing bespoke, luxury fitted kitchens – with a range of kitchens from modern, to shaker, to traditional, suiting each and every home. For more of our Christmas decorating tips and tricks for your kitchen, keep reading and visit our website to learn more about our range of beautiful kitchens. 

Decluttering Ahead of Time

We recommend that you start decluttering ahead of time – because as mentioned, no one wants to be rushing around their home close to Christmas when there is still so much to do. Whilst you have the time, clear your kitchen and make some space for all of your little Christmas home decor. Put your pots and pans away, clear the worktops and surfaces, and declutter as much as possible making space for your festive decor to be displayed. Also, who doesn’t love a deep clean? It’s great to have your kitchen feeling clean and refreshed for the Christmas season, ready for your decorating skills to flourish. 

Deciding On a Christmas Colour Scheme

Another thing to consider pre-decorating is what Christmas colour scheme you’re going to go for. It can be tricky to choose a colour scheme, even at Christmas. There is the traditional red and green that you can’t go wrong with, a modern black and silver theme, a beautiful classy white and gold theme, or a Scandinavian white, light wood and grey theme. Consider the colour scheme that your kitchen has, and what shades and tones would match well with your kitchen whilst adding a Christmas theme. There is plenty of inspiration online to take a look at, that will help you choose the perfect Christmas colour scheme for your kitchen space. 

Spruce Up Your Shelving and Introduce Scents

One of the first things that you can do is spruce up your shelving, as well as your worktops and countertops with Christmas decor. Pop some small Christmas accessories along your shelves and countertops, adding some festive cheer to the space. You can also add some foliage to your kitchen, whether it be real or fake, and some pinecones to give your space a woodland feel. Another great way to bring your kitchen into the Christmas season is with scent. Scents are an amazing way to add atmosphere and cosiness to your home, and with the addition of candles, diffusers and potpourri you can completely transform the feel of your kitchen. Think Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Orange, and Cloves to add some Wintery warmth.

Add Centerpieces and Twinkling Lights

Centerpieces are a fantastic focal point for the kitchen, especially if they are on your kitchen island or breakfast table. Perhaps add a mini Christmas tree to the space or to a worktop, and decorate it with beautiful decorations and fairy lights. Or perhaps hang a beautiful wreath in the center of your kitchen, stunningly decorated to match the rest of your kitchen. You can also add bows, Christmas-style linens, baubles, and candy canes throughout the kitchen to spread some more Christmas joy. Another fantastic Christmas decoration idea is to hang beautiful fairy lights in your kitchen, draping them over your cabinets to give your kitchen that magic Christmassy and cosy feel. 

Consider Textures and Layers

Consider adding different textures and layers to your kitchen this Christmas to give it a cosy, warm and lived-in feel. This could include dried flowers, napkins, wooden ornaments, layers, rugs and much more. We all want our kitchens to feel like the heart of our homes, and to have personality and character. You can bring a bit of your personality into your kitchen, by adding some photo frames with photos of your friends and families to spread the love a little bit more. You can also hang wreaths over the back of your chairs, and add Christmas-themed canvases to your walls.


Decorate Your Kitchen this Christmas


We hope that this festive post has inspired you on how you can decorate your kitchen space for this Christmas season, and given you a few hints and unique home decor ideas. If you are considering renovating your kitchen, to give yourself the best and most beautiful space to decorate this Christmas then why not upgrade your cooking space with a brand-new kitchen from Ashford Kitchens & Interiors? 


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