Over the years, kitchen designs have seen a significant shift from isolated, functional spaces to open, inviting areas that the whole family spends time in. Not only should a modern kitchen cater to your cooking needs, but also your entertainment and relaxing needs. This shift reflects homeowners’ changing lifestyles and desires, and it’s anticipated that kitchens will remain multi-functional spaces for many years to come. 

Today’s ‘open plan’ kitchen is somewhat similar to the kitchen diners of years gone by, and they are a modern take on these living areas. Incorporating kitchens, dining areas and living rooms, open plan designs are ideal for contemporary households, and it’s no surprise that they’re a popular option for families. They embody a sense of fluidity, flexibility and openness that resonates with the way people currently live. Below we have explored kitchen diners and open plan kitchen designs in more detail. 

The Timeless Appeal of Traditional Kitchen Diners

Traditional kitchen diners were a key part of the home for many years and they combined two of the most-used rooms into one convenient space. Kitchen diners were the heart of the home, they fostered a sense of connection and provided families with a space to gather, eat and reconnect. Traditional kitchen diners were renowned for their functionality. Whether it was Sunday dinner, a birthday celebration or a weekend breakfast, the space could adapt to meet the needs of any occasion. Regardless of their size, they were enjoyed by the whole family.

Traditional Kitchen Diners

Why Open Plan Designs are Becoming More Popular

Whilst kitchen diners aren’t as common in new-build homes, many have taken a similar approach to combining rooms. For a few years now, open plan kitchens have been popular among modern families and many have been knocking down internal walls to create large, open spaces that can be used for various day-to-day tasks. Some of the many reasons why open plan designs are popular include; 

  • Removing Barriers

Open plan designs are revolutionising the concept of the kitchen diner by removing walls and partitions. This creates a more connected space where the kitchen, dining room and living room become one cohesive area. Having one open plan space makes it easy for families to spend more time together and it can improve relationships. 

  • Multi-Functional Space

One of the standout reasons why open plan designs are popular is their multi-functionality. By merging different rooms in the home, they create a space that can be used for various activities simultaneously. It’s not just a place to cook and eat, it’s somewhere children can do homework at the kitchen island, friends can catch up around the dining table and family can relax in the living area. This seamless integration of functions makes an open plan kitchen more adaptable to contemporary living, where multitasking is a regular part of everyday life. It’s a design that truly reflects how people live today.

  • Modern Aesthetics

When compared to traditional kitchens, the modern aesthetic of open plan designs is sleek and simplistic. Less is often more in open plan spaces to prevent them from feeling overwhelming and cluttered, and minimalism is favoured by many. This appeals to a contemporary taste that seeks both style and functionality, promoting a clutter-free and harmonious environment. Modern kitchens are enjoyable and relaxing spaces to spend time in.

  • Social Interactions

Open plan designs make it much easier for people to socialise by creating a more accessible and communal space. Whether cooking, eating or relaxing, everyone can be part of the conversation and no one has to miss out. This is particularly beneficial during dinner parties or gatherings when someone would usually spend time away from the group whilst preparing food or pouring drinks, and everyone can embrace shared experiences.

Open Plan Designs; A Modern Take on Traditional Kitchen Diners

Design Considerations for Open Plan Kitchens

There are a few things you need to bear in mind when you’re designing an open plan kitchen to ensure the final design is everything you hoped it would be; 

  • Space Utilisation

Creating an open plan design requires careful consideration of space. It involves strategic planning to ensure that each area for cooking, dining and living flows seamlessly without feeling cramped or disconnected. Think about where each area is going to be located and how you’re going to make them feel like the same room yet still separate spaces at the same time. 

  • Style and Theme

Choosing the right overall style for the space is essential for a harmonious open plan kitchen. Whether it’s a modern, rustic or industrial approach, the design elements should complement each other to create a cohesive look. Don’t forget to take into consideration other rooms in the home as your main open plan space still needs to complement them too. 

  • Functional Zoning

Functional zoning is all about defining specific areas within the open plan for various activities. This might include a kitchen island for food preparation, a cosy dining space or a relaxed seating area for entertainment. Think about how you’re going to use each of these zones and make sure they’re designed to accommodate your specific needs. 

  • Lighting and Acoustics

In any open plan kitchen, lighting and acoustics play a crucial role. Adequate lighting can enhance the overall ambience and make sure each area is well-lit for its intended purpose. While careful consideration of acoustics ensures that noise from cooking or entertainment doesn’t become an annoyance to people in other areas. 

Open Plan Kitchens

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Open plan designs are more than just a trend, they represent a lifestyle choice that appreciates the value of connection and convenience. By integrating modern amenities with the traditional charm of kitchen diners, these spaces offer the best of both worlds, creating a kitchen that’s not just for cooking but for living. When you’re planning a renovation, consider an open plan kitchen as a way to create a warm, inviting space that reflects contemporary living at its best. 

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