There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning your dream kitchen and it’s important that you don’t miss the little details because you’re focused on the bigger picture. At Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, we believe that your vision is actually just made up of little details and we go out of our way to check on these. We know that this can have a big impact on the final finish and practicality of your kitchen. The issue with focusing on the little details is that there are a lot of them. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to keep track. So, to help you out here are a few of the factors you want to bear in mind when finessing your kitchen design

Keep the Kitchen Symmetrical

Symmetry is an important part of any room design. Not only is it associated with stability, good health, and longevity but also helps to create a relaxing and comfortable space. While you probably don’t notice a symmetrical kitchen when you walk into it, you will definitely notice if something isn’t quite right. So, it’s important to work through your kitchen design carefully to make sure that it is as symmetrical as possible.

Total symmetry isn’t possible, simply because of the number of features that you have in the space. However, you can balance the features to ensure that the space is ordered and projecting a sense of calm. Often, our clients find it easier to choose a central focal point in your space, like a kitchen island or a statement extractor. 

This will help you to build your symmetrical kitchen around a single point. You can work outwards from this single point, using specific measurements, colours, and materials to keep the space balanced. If you’re not entirely sure how to go about creating this sort of symmetry, then you should consult our kitchen designer in Ashford, Middlesex. They have years of experience and will naturally include elements of symmetry in your design. 

Hidden Drawers

There’s something exciting and unique about having something of your very own that others don’t have or can’t see. When we’re creating our kitchen designs in Weybridge, we want to add sprinkles of this excitement and mystery in a way that keeps your kitchen safe and organised. One of which is hidden drawers.

Hidden drawers are designed to double or even triple your storage space. They’re designed to be inserted in particularly deep drawers, helping to use up what might otherwise be wasted space. This small detail can make such a difference in the long run, particularly if you need a lot of storage space. 

They are the ideal place to keep your cutlery, spices, sharp knives, and even accessories like kitchen foil or cling film holders. We can even design your hidden drawers to hold crockery, if that works best for your needs. This is honestly one of our favourite small details, as it helps to add so much practicality and interest to your kitchen. You’ll never run out of space for your baking or cooking equipment with the help of a hidden drawer. 

Choose Pull out Cabinets

Traditional cabinet design involved opening your cabinet door and reaching inside. While this works for some people, it isn’t necessarily the easiest or the most convenient sort of cabinet. Even if you have deep cabinets, the traditional setup can make it easy to lose things and involves a lot of bending, crouching, and reaching. This is why we would always recommend including pull out cabinets in your renovation.

Pull out cabinets, as the name suggests, is a cabinet that can be pulled out, allowing you to bring the contents of the cabinet out to you. These cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are incredibly useful, whether you’re looking to store pots and pans or create a pantry. These cabinets make it easy for you to get what you need.

Consider LED Lighting

In all the excitement of planning your kitchen space, it can be easy to forget about the lighting. Lighting is one of the most important parts of the kitchen space and it can transform the way that it looks and feels. This is why we would recommend choosing LED lights. Not only are LED lights cheaper and more efficient to run, but they also help you to develop a particular atmosphere and the sense of drama. 

LED lights have developed so much over the years that you have several options to choose from. Do you want LED light strips added to the underside of your breakfast bar? Are you looking at specific downlights to run across the kitchen? Or perhaps you’re interested in uplights or accent lighting to help draw attention to specific parts of the room. 

With the right lighting design you can change the ambience of the entire room, so it’s something to speak to her team about when planning your kitchen design in Weybridge. 

Install Pop-Up Sockets

If there is one detail that you will regret forgetting, it’s pop-up sockets. There are a number of kitchen utensils that require power. Whether you are into baking or you like making soups and smoothies, indoor electric whisks and blenders will require a socket. 

Most kitchen designs have sockets sporadically positioned around the room but it can be incredibly inconvenient, particularly if you’re using your kitchen island to prepare your food.

You can avoid this by choosing to install pop-up sockets in your kitchen island. Pop-up sockets are ideal for those looking for power on the kitchen island but don’t want to risk spoiling their kitchen’s aesthetic. 

Want to Get in Touch with our Team?

If you’re worried about missing out on those important details, then you really want to work with a team of professionals. We’ve been helping people with their kitchen designs for years and we are the people you can rely on to nail down all the details for your renovation. If you’d like to speak to any of the team members, then feel free to contact our team or pop into one of our showrooms. We would be more than happy to help.