Bedrooms are often places we neglect when compared to the rest of the rooms at home. Kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms need to be kept up to scratch. They need to be clean, hygienic and organised as these are frequented rooms where lots of activities take place but also the rooms guests will most likely spend time.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is our personal sanctuary and somewhere we sometimes let design and organisation slip. Family and friends rarely venture into the bedroom as it is a designated personal space and never somewhere you host groups of people. We go there to sleep, get dressed and leave so practicality and organisation aren’t valued as much here as they are in other rooms.

It is, however, the room where the day begins and ends. Keeping it up to date with the latest modern bedroom design and bedroom storage solutions is important for our mental health and day to day organisation. Here is a short guide on keeping on top of bedroom design and ensuring that it remains a clutter-free relaxing room of your home.

Solo Gardenia - modern bedroom design from Ashford Kitchens & Interiors.

Modern Bedroom Design: Bedroom Colour Scheme

Before getting down to the nitty gritty finer details of bedroom design. The first thing to think about is the surrounding colour scheme. Colour schemes are important in every room of the home but of vital importance in the bedroom. The tones that surround you in your home have an impact on your mood and emotions, especially when it is just you and your thoughts as you’re trying to sleep.

Intense colours do not belong in the bedroom. Reds, yellows, oranges and bright shades of any colour are highly charged and will have your heartbeat racing. Reds and oranges in particular come from a more intense family of colours that represent passion, anger, danger and in general demand attention. They might come in and out of fashion or perhaps there is a shade you want to experiment with but they are never advised. They won’t be fashionable forever and they aren’t always going to reflect your mood. The bedroom is where you go to rest, not to impress people with design or decoration.

Stick to calm, neutral tones that are soothing and understated. It is important to acknowledge that the more colour variations the more prominent corners and edges will be. Instead of a relaxing backdrop abrupt changes in colour highlight your surroundings making the room feel more boxed and cluttered. Whites, greys, creams and tans are good overall colours and are effectively combined with a slightly more characterful colour like blues and greens. Blues have long been recognised as the most relaxing colour. Modern bedroom design of today often uses deep shades of blue or green as calm backdrops whilst fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture complement the room in whites, creams, greys or natural wood colours.

Moda Curved Dark Pine and Light Pine - bedroom design by Ashford Kitchens & Interiors.

Modern Bedroom Design: Bedroom Storage

That brings us on to our next point – organising your belongings. The bed may be the centrepiece of a bedroom and where it gets its name but you need also remember that this is the room we get dressed and prepare ourselves for days ahead. Getting up bright and early and rummaging through drawers or searching for specific items is not a good start to the day. It wastes time but also starts you off with a bad mindset. This is why modern bedroom design focuses on effective bedroom storage and bespoke wardrobes.

We’ve all experienced those mornings when you’re frantically looking for something you need for that day but it seems to have evaporated into thin air and it overwhelms you with stress. Beginning the day with a perfectly organised fitted bedroom wardrobe on the other hands sets you up to begin the day feeling calm and in control.

Modern bedroom design also offers a great variety of gadgets and mechanisms that boost wardrobe functionality. Pull-out shoe racks, open rails and separate sections for mr and mrs are just a few modern additions to bedroom storage. With large fitted bedroom wardrobes there shouldn’t be much need for extra storage meaning spaces under beds or in corners of the room can be freed up. They’re then easier to clean and create a more spacious, de-cluttered feel about the room. In modern bedroom design of today bespoke wardrobes are almost as important as the bed itself!

Fitted bedroom wardrobe by Ashford Kitchens & Interiors.

Modern Home Design: Bedroom Lighting

Lighting has an enormous effect on the way our body functions. It is quite obvious that lighting causes arousal – wakefulness. The majority of us sleep in the dark for this reason. But it is not just lighting in general that influences our levels of sleep – the strength and tone of the bulbs we use have a significant impact.

Extremely bright flood lighting is not always advised in modern bedroom design. Windows should be utilised to their full potential so that natural light instead floods the bedroom meaning there is no need for lighting during the day and thereby saving on energy. The three most important members of the bedroom are bed, wardrobe and then window. Allow the window to stand free of obstacles so that every bit of light can enter into every corner of the room. Positioning a mirror somewhere opposite the window will help bounce light round the room. Natural light is wonderful for waking us up and helping us to feel alive, alert and in tune with the waking hours of the day.

On the other hand going to bed should be aided with dimly lit bedside lamps or a corner lamp. Overall lighting should be rarely used but particularly not towards the final hours of the evening. We want our bodies to adjust into sleep mode which means dimly lit lights that are soothing. Lamp shades are all the rage in modern bedroom design. They inject a gentle amount of character but also keep light contained so that it leaks through the lampshade in a diluted, controlled way. Often light shades can be used as the statement-making part of our bedrooms while the rest of the room remains calm. The light shades can combine with art and other ornaments to allow a slightly different touch to the surroundings.

Solo White Avola - bedroom design by Ashford Kitchens & Interiors

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