Kitchen renovations are an exciting project, they provide you with the opportunity to completely transform one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. When redesigning your kitchen, there’s a huge range of different interior design styles available. From chic, handleless designs to charming, traditional designs, there is something for every homeowner. Among the vast range, one particular style remains a very popular choice; Shaker style kitchens.

Whether you own a cosy cottage with a lot of character or a modern new build home with open-plan living spaces, a Shaker kitchen is an excellent choice. It’s a common misconception that this kitchen style isn’t suitable for contemporary interiors, yet it can be customised to meet the specific needs of any property. Below we have explored what makes the Shaker style an ideal choice for any kitchen renovation and why it remains a popular choice for modern homeowners, enhancing the look and feel of the home.

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The Basics of Shaker Kitchen Designs

Shaker style kitchens can be traced back to the middle of the eighteenth century and they haven’t changed much over the years. This kitchen style is known for its focus on function rather than decoration and Shaker kitchens are instantly recognisable for their iconic cabinetry featuring five-piece doors with recessed centre panels. The cabinetry design is often complemented by simple hardware, such as wooden knobs or metal handles. This minimalist aesthetic emphasises the beauty of the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used, making it a perfect fit for homeowners who appreciate understated elegance.

The uncluttered and streamlined appearance of Shaker kitchens makes them incredibly versatile, allowing them to blend seamlessly into a variety of interior styles. The focus on function doesn’t mean compromising aesthetics either, instead, it allows for the simplicity of the design to stand out. This design ethos not only ensures longevity but also creates a sense of calm in the kitchen, making it a welcoming space for both cooking and socialising.

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Benefits of Shaker Kitchen Designs

There are several benefits to choosing a Shaker style kitchen, which contributes to their lasting popularity among homeowners. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider the Shaker style when you’re renovating your kitchen;

  • Versatility in Styling

Shaker kitchens can easily be customised to suit any style of property and homeowner’s taste. Whether you prefer a traditional look with natural materials and soft colours or a more modern feel with marble worktops and contrasting colours, Shaker cabinet doors provide a foundation that can be adapted to your style preferences. This ensures your new Shaker kitchen effortlessly complements the rest of your home’s decor, providing a cohesive look that enhances the existing architecture and design elements.

  • Focus on Quality and Craftsmanship

As touched on above, Shaker kitchens are all about quality. Throughout the design, high-quality materials are used to create a simple yet sturdy kitchen that will stand the test of time. This focus on quality not only ensures a finely crafted space but also offers excellent value for money in the long run. Each part of the kitchen is constructed with attention to detail and durability, ensuring the space can handle the demands of daily life without showing signs of wear and tear, making a Shaker kitchen a great investment.

  • Ease of Maintenance

The clean lines and minimal detailing of Shaker kitchens make them easy to clean and maintain. This is particularly appealing in family homes where mess is a common part of daily life in the kitchen. The lack of fancy decoration and ornate details means fewer places for dust and grime to accumulate, simplifying day-to-day cleaning routines. Not to mention, the high-quality materials will be easy to wipe down with standard cleaning products, reducing the effort needed to keep the kitchen looking pristine.

  • Space Utilisation

Shaker kitchens are designed with usability in mind, often featuring built-in storage solutions with efficient use of space. This can include everything from spice drawers to pantries, helping to keep your kitchen organised and clutter-free. The functional design maximises the available floor and wall space, making it easier to store and access your kitchen essentials without sacrificing style. All pieces of furniture are designed to maximise their potential too, so everything has a purpose and no space is wasted.

  • Timeless Aesthetic

Unlike other on-trend styles that can quickly become dated, the classic look of a Shaker style kitchen will always be fashionable. This timelessness makes a Shaker kitchen a wise investment for homeowners looking to create an interior design that will remain aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for many years to come. The long-lasting appeal of the Shaker style ensures your new kitchen will continue to enhance your home’s value and charm too, regardless of current trends.

  • Broad Appeal

When you decide to sell your home, a well-designed kitchen can be a big selling point. The broad appeal of Shaker kitchens makes them a desirable feature to buyers, potentially increasing your home’s marketability. The simplicity and functionality of Shaker designs resonate with a wide range of buyers, making it easier to attract interest and offers. With a Shaker kitchen, prospective buyers won’t have the hassle of renovating when they move in either, which can impact the amount they’re willing to pay for your home.

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Designing a Bespoke Shaker Kitchen

All in all, it’s easy to see why Shaker kitchen designs remain popular among modern homeowners and if you’re contemplating renovating your kitchen, it’s undeniably beneficial to explore the Shaker style in more detail. The blend of simplicity, functionality and timeless beauty makes a Shaker kitchen ideal for any type of property.

Our team at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors has many years of experience helping homeowners create Shaker kitchens that meet all of their specific needs. We know how to tailor this classic design to suit the contemporary tastes of our clients, ensuring every kitchen we install is both beautiful and functional. Regardless of which colour palette you’re interested in or what your storage requirements are, we can turn your kitchen ideas into a reality. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of designers to find out more about how we can help with a bespoke Shaker kitchen.

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