When you’re working on a bespoke kitchen design, it goes without saying that you will have a lot of important decisions to make. Not only will you need to ensure that things like the layout of the room and the colour scheme are right, but you will also need to check that all of the finishing touches are perfect too. Arguably, some of the smaller details are the most important and these are what will bring your completed kitchen together. 


One small detail that many overlook when working on a kitchen project is the cabinet handles and it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to rush into buying these to get their kitchen finished. The handles that you choose for your kitchen cupboards and draws are actually more important than many realise and they play a big role in the whole design. If you’re in the initial design phase of your new kitchen and you haven’t thought about handles yet, below are some things to consider to help you make the right choice in this regard. 


Whether you want handles


Before you start looking at the different handle options available, you will need to decide whether you even want to have handles on your cabinets. If your bespoke kitchen is going to be ultra-modern, you may prefer no handles and to have a simple recessed lip at the top of each door/drawer or a push-to-open mechanism instead. No handles can provide a really streamlined look, so it is worth taking into consideration.


The overall style of the handles


The handles that you choose for your kitchen cabinets will influence the overall feel of your kitchen and it is essential to ensure that the style you choose complements the contemporary or traditional kitchen that you’re planning. For example, bar handles are perfect for modern minimalist kitchens, whereas cup handles are a great choice for vintage shaker kitchens. Choosing the wrong style can make your handles look out of place. 


The material of the handles 


As you will likely know, cabinet handles come in a variety of materials nowadays, from chrome to brass, and the same handle in various materials can look completely different. When deciding which material to have, think about what other materials you’re using in the kitchen and what will go with these. You want your hands to work well with your worktops, splashbacks and, of course, your cabinets. Matching your handles to your taps can look great too. 


The finish of the handles


It can be easy to overlook, but the finish of the handle is important to take into consideration as well. If you choose a stainless steel handle, for example, whether you have a polished or satin finish will affect how the handle looks in your kitchen. Attention to detail in this regard is so important and it is these small decisions that will make or break the whole design. So, look into the pros and cons of the different finishes available. 


The size of the handles


You may find that depending on the style of handle you settle on for your kitchen cupboards and drawers, you have a few different size options to choose from. It is often best to use the same size handle on every cabinet, but you can mix and match if you’d like to. The most important thing in this regard is proportions, you will want to ensure that the handles won’t look too big/long or too small/short once they’re installed. 


Getting some assistance with your bespoke kitchen in Berkshire 


There really is no denying that the finishing touches to your new kitchen are incredibly important and it is always worthwhile spending some time getting these right. Hopefully, by thinking about everything mentioned above, you will have a better idea of what handles you should install on your kitchen cabinets and you can ensure that these perfectly complement everything else you already have planned for your dream kitchen.


Should you require any assistance with the design or installation of your bespoke kitchen in Berkshire and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. Our team of kitchen experts can work closely with you to ensure that your new kitchen is everything that you hoped it would be and that you create a space that is both functional and welcoming, not to mention unique to your individual needs. We have assisted numerous homeowners with their kitchen projects, so you can trust that you will be in the best hands with your team.