There are lots of reasons why you should update your kitchen and doing so will help you to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of the space, so it is almost always a worthwhile investment. However, there is no denying that redesigning your kitchen independently isn’t an easy task and there are a lot of important factors to consider throughout these initial stages of the project to ensure that the finished design is everything you hoped it would be. 


Many homeowners will agree that your kitchen is by far one of the most challenging rooms to transform and unfortunately when doing so, lots of people will make the same mistakes. If you’re contemplating redesigning your kitchen and you’re worried about getting things wrong, keep reading today. Below are some of the most common kitchen design mistakes that homeowners make and, thankfully, they are all avoidable. So, be sure to follow our kitchen design advice.


Forgetting about task lighting 


Currently, lots of homeowners are installing big pendant lights in their kitchen and even though these lights look brilliant, it is highly unlikely that they will be bright enough. As well as this ambient light, it is essential that you think of task lighting too for important areas of your kitchen such as prep areas and above the stove. Don’t overlook the importance of this extra light. 


Not having enough countertop workspace 


When they start using their new kitchen, many homeowners realise that they don’t have enough countertop workspace. Even if you have a small kitchen, for this room to be functional, it is essential to think carefully about how much space common kitchen activities require. You can then ensure that you’re not limiting your workspace and your new kitchen is actually usable. 


Not thinking about the future 


When working on your kitchen design and especially the colour schemes, many will look to the latest trends and these will influence their decisions. Whilst it is brilliant to incorporate these new and exciting trends, our best kitchen design advice would be to think to the future. Ensure that your design will still look great in years to come by balancing the trendy elements with some more traditional elements. This will prevent you from needing to redecorate again. 


Overlooking the importance of ventilation 


This isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to think about when you plan a kitchen project, but ventilation is undeniably essential. That being said, so many homeowners still forget to ensure they have adequate ventilation and this can go on to cause a whole host of problems. Make sure you take a look at all options available ventilation-wise and choose something that is suitable for your individual design. 


Not planning enough storage space 


When you ask for kitchen design advice, you can guarantee that an expert will mention storage. Far too many homeowners don’t have enough storage space in their kitchens and often, this is because they’re not installed the most suitable storage solutions. You always need to think carefully about storage and ensure you’re implementing the right solutions into your design.


Going way over budget


Unfortunately, when attempting to transform their existing kitchen themselves, many go way over budget. It isn’t uncommon for people to not think about how much every single little detail will cost from the outset and this often leads to them overspending. Try to make a comprehensive inventory before you start buying anything, this will help keep you on track.


Getting assistance with your kitchen design in Egham 


Hopefully, now that you are aware of the most common kitchen design mistakes made by homeowners, you can ensure that when you’re working on your own refurbishment, you don’t make them too. Of course, if you’re really worried about redesigning your kitchen yourself, you should reach out to an expert for some assistance and, in fact, it is often recommended that you always work with an experienced professional on a kitchen design. 


If you’re searching for a company who can help you with your kitchen design in Egham and the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors. Not only will our team of designers be able to provide you with the knowledgeable, impartial and constructive kitchen design advice that you need, but they will also help you to bring your dream bespoke kitchen to life. With an enormous wealth of expertise gained over our many years within the industry, you can trust that you will be in safe hands with our team.