Having a large kitchen is something that many homeowners dream of and there are so many advantages to having plenty of floor space in this frequently used room. Now that open plan kitchens with dining tables and living areas are really popular too, large kitchens are even more sought after and the size of a kitchen can make or break a property when deciding whether or not to purchase.


Whilst there is no denying that large kitchens are amazing, when it comes to refurbishing a large space, many struggle to get things right and lots of homeowners end up making the same mistakes. If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen and you’re working on a new design for the space, make sure you keep reading. Below we have looked into some of the most common mistakes made by homeowners with large kitchen spaces. 


Spreading kitchen essentials across the room 


Due to the fact that they have so much floor space to play with, lots of homeowners spread out their kitchen area, but this can result in a kitchen that is inconvenient to use. You always need to make sure you’re thinking about workflow when you’re designing a kitchen and functionality is just as important as style. Do some research into the kitchen triangle concept and always take this into consideration when planning where your kitchen essentials are going to be.


Cluttering an open plan kitchen layout 


The beauty of a large kitchen is that you can have lots of free space to enjoy, but so many homeowners end up cluttering this free space with unnecessary pieces of furniture. When you’re working on a kitchen design for a large kitchen, never be afraid of open spaces. Instead of overcrowding your kitchen, make the most of having a beautiful spacious room. 


Creating separate spaces that don’t flow


As touched on above, multi-purpose kitchens are really popular. However, when having a kitchen, lounge and dining area all in a large kitchen, lots of homeowners design these areas as if they’re separate spaces. It is so important to ensure that all of these individual areas still tie in with one another and they look like they’re meant to be in the same room. A top tip would be to use one colour scheme and one style throughout all of these areas to create a cohesive design.


Overlooking colour and pattern 


Often, light colours are used in interior design to make a space feel bigger, but when you already have a large space, you can have some fun with different colours and patterns. Many homeowners play it safe with light neutral colour schemes, but you should add some personality to your design, whether this is by using colour on the walls or patterns on the splashback. 


Forgetting about task lighting 


Lots of homeowners are keen to have decorative ambient lighting in their kitchen, especially if they have a kitchen island, and pendant lighting is a popular choice in modern kitchens. Yet, ambient lighting alone isn’t enough in a large kitchen and often, the kitchen won’t be suitable for use because the workspaces are too dark. So, make sure that you’re incorporating some task lighting into your design and using separate lighting in essential places, like your worktop areas. 


Covering the walls with cabinetry 


It is incredibly common to see large kitchens with unnecessary amounts of cabinets and so many homeowners fill their walls with cabinetry. However, with plenty of floor space for other storage solutions, you should explore some of the other options available instead. By freeing up your wall space, you can make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing with wall decor as well. 


Creating a good kitchen design for your large kitchen


Hopefully, now that you’re aware of some of the most commonly made mistakes by homeowners who are refurbishing their large kitchen, you can ensure that you’re avoiding them whilst working on your kitchen project. Baring in mind everything mentioned above can help you to ensure that your new kitchen is the perfect combination of style and functionality. 


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Common Mistakes Made By Homeowners With Large Kitchens