When you decide to revamp your bedroom to make it more contemporary, in addition to painting the walls and laying new flooring, many will also choose to replace their existing furniture. It goes without saying that the pieces of furniture you have in a space can completely change the way it looks and feels, and by simply investing in new bedroom furniture, you are able to transform this room into somewhere that you love to spend time. 


These days, when purchasing new furniture for their bedroom, homeowners will have the choice of both fitted furniture and freestanding furniture. As you may expect, there are pros and cons to each of these options and you will have a lot to consider when deciding which would be best for your bedroom. So, to help anyone choosing between contemporary fitted bedroom furniture and off-the-shelf freestanding furniture, below we have looked into each in more detail. 


Contemporary fitted bedroom furniture


When deciding to install fitted furniture in their bedroom, many homeowners like the fact that these pieces can be bespoke and made specifically for a space in their room. They won’t have the hassle of attempting to find off-the-shelf furniture that is suitable measurements and they can trust that every piece they purchase will fit perfectly in the space it’s designed for.


Fitted bedroom furniture also enables people to make the most of every inch of floor space they have in their room. Even if the space is peculiarly shaped, they will still be able to create pieces that work with sloped ceilings or alcoves, for example. 


Often, homeowners like fitted wardrobes, in particular, because the interior can be designed to meet their individual needs too. They will have control over all aspects of the design from the colour and finish of the exterior to the storage solutions on the interior. 


You can expect contemporary fitted bedroom furniture to take a few weeks to be made for you, but it is usually much higher quality and it will be made to last for many years to come. Once you have fitted furniture designed and installed, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace it in a couple of years’ time because something has broken. 


Contemporary freestanding bedroom furniture


Many who choose to purchase off-the-shelf freestanding furniture will be drawn to this option because it tends to be more affordable. However, that being said, often the price reflects the quality and you do run the risk of having to purchase replacements much sooner, making this type of furniture less cost-effective in the long run.


Freestanding bedroom furniture can be a good choice for people who like to change the way their bedroom looks quite frequently. As you may expect, it is easier to replace than fitted furniture, so you will be free to swap it for different pieces as and when you want to. 


Of course, because the furniture is freestanding, you can also move it around your bedroom really easily as well. This gives you the freedom to play around with your layout if you’d like and it won’t be difficult to give the space a different feel. 


When you purchase freestanding contemporary bedroom furniture, you will likely be able to assemble it on the day of purchase too. Homeware stores tend to have flatpacks that can be taken away with people on the same day. However, because they are convenient, you can expect lots of other homeowners to have the same pieces of furniture as you. 


Refurnishing your bedroom 


All in all, whilst there are pros and cons to both fitted furniture and freestanding furniture, it is fair to say that more often than not, if you’re able to, investing in fitted bedroom furniture is the best option available. Of course, it is always worthwhile looking into both of these options in more detail before making your final decision, but many will end up designing bespoke furniture that is made-to-measure for their bedroom. 


If you’re interested in getting contemporary fitted bedroom furniture, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. We have been working alongside homeowners for many years now, helping them design and install the perfect pieces for their bedroom and you can trust that we are the best people to turn to in this regard. You will also always receive the highest quality furniture when you work with our team and all of our bespoke fitted furniture is made in England by leading manufacturers, so you will never have to worry about durability. We look forward to assisting you further with your contemporary fitted bedroom furniture.