Now that working from home is considered to be the ‘new normal’, lots of homeowners are looking for ways that they can create a functional workspace in their homes. Thankfully, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a whole spare room to be able to create a home office and the corner of your living room, dining room or bedroom will provide you with plenty of space for a professional work area. 


Utilising a bedroom for both working and sleeping is becoming incredibly common, yet many really struggle when it comes to striking the balance between functionality and comfort in this space. So, to help anyone who is trying to make working from home more convenient, below we have put together some useful design tips for creating a home office in your bedroom. 


Opt for bespoke fitted home office furniture


No matter what size or shape your bedroom may be, one of the best things you can do when you’re creating a home office is to invest in made-to-measure furniture. When you design your own fitted home office furniture, you will have much more flexibility when deciding where to set up your workspace. You can even build a desk in an alcove or have storage installed underneath a sloped ceiling, for example, when you opt for bespoke furniture. 


To ensure that your home office doesn’t look out of place in your bedroom, you can even design fitted home office furniture to match the rest of your bedroom furniture. Not to mention, you have the option to create multi-purpose pieces too, for example, your office desk could double-up as a dressing table if you don’t have much floor space. Simply put, bespoke furniture enables you to explore lots of different options that aren’t available with off-the-shelf alternatives. 


Make the most of your wall space 


If there isn’t much spare floor space in your bedroom, one of the best ways to prevent your home office from intruding on your relaxing space is to utilise the wall area that you have. It can be easy to overlook the space above the office furniture that you plan on installing, but this is ideal for various storage solutions. By using your wall space, you can reduce the amount of floor space you need and keep your home office as compact as possible. 


Use sliding doors as a divider 


On the contrary, if you have a big bedroom, you might want to consider creating two different spaces; a space where you can relax and a space where you can work. Similarly to how people use sliding doors to separate their bedroom from their dressing room, you can use sliding doors to separate your bedroom from your home office. When you use sliding doors as a divider, you can simply close them at the end of the working day, improving your work-life balance. 


Ensure you have plenty of storage space 


It is essential to have enough storage space in any bedroom, but when you’re creating a home office in this room too, you need to think realistically about where all of your work essentials are going to be stored. Get creative with the fitted furniture that you design and incorporate storage solutions that meet your specific requirements. The more convenient and suitable your storage space is, the easier it will be to tidy all of your work items away in the evenings. 


Designing fitted home office furniture for your bedroom 


Hopefully, if you’re trying to create a fully functional office space in the corner of your bedroom, the tips above will be useful. You really don’t need to have a spare room to create a home office that meets all of your needs and it is possible to design something in the smallest and most awkward spaces, so you can finally have the perfect space to work from home. 


If you’d like to design some fitted home office furniture for your bedroom, contact our expert team of designers here at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors. We specialise in bespoke home office furniture and we will happily help you to create the perfect working environment in your bedroom. We pride ourselves on our impressive range of fitted home office furniture and with a variety of styles, from contemporary to classic designs, you can trust we will have something that suits your taste and complements your interior design. 


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Creating A Home Office In Your Bedroom