In the ever-evolving world of home design, the kitchen is at the heart of innovation and style. Not only is it a functional space for cooking, but it’s also a central hub for gathering with family, catching up with friends and making memories. As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, some kitchen trends stand out and we are seeing some exciting shifts in how kitchens look. As more homeowners want to blend aesthetics with functionality, prioritising comfort and personal expression, kitchen designs are becoming more and more bespoke.

When it comes to kitchen colour schemes, this year it’s all about making your kitchen feel like your own and breaking away from the norm. Some colours have caught the eye of interior designers and homeowners alike, becoming a popular choice for new kitchens. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in 2024, here are some colours to explore.

Earthy Greens

Bringing the outdoors in, earthy greens are all the rage in kitchen design this year. These colours remind homeowners of the natural world, with their calming vibes, making the kitchen an enjoyable place to spend time. Greens are perfect for cabinets or an accent wall and they complement natural, wooden worktops. Yet, they can also work well with white or stone worktops if you want to make the space feel bigger and brighter. The versatility of earthy greens means they can adapt to both modern and traditional kitchens. They also blend seamlessly with a variety of decor styles and they’re likely to stand the test of time. 

A kitchen with a large island and stools

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Warm Neutrals

Lots of homeowners are swapping their bright, high-gloss kitchens for something much warmer. This year is all about soft beiges and rich taupes that make your kitchen feel homely and welcoming. These colours are incredibly flexible, working well with both a splash of bold colour and a more laid-back vibe. Warm neutrals are the go-to for creating a kitchen that’s not just stylish but also cosy and inviting. They offer a timeless appeal and will prevent the space from feeling dated in years to come. Not to mention, they can help to create a bright and airy feel in smaller kitchens that are usually cramped. 

Dark Blues

For homeowners looking to make a statement, dark blues are stepping into the spotlight. These rich colours add a layer of sophistication and depth to your kitchen design. Whether it’s a traditional navy or a more unique denim blue, these shades can make everything look more luxurious, especially when paired with brass or gold hardware. Opting for dark blues in your kitchen is a surefire way to make a statement without going over the top. It’s worth noting that dark blues work really well in spaces that aim for a classic look with a modern twist, like Shaker kitchens, offering a bold contrast to lighter worktops and floors.

A kitchen with a large island and blue chairs

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Stone Greys

Grey has been popular in interior design for many years now, yet homeowners are moving away from light greys and experimenting with rich greys instead. These colours range from stone grey to charcoal grey, offering a sleek look that pairs well with just about anything. From concrete worktops to wooden shelves, you can experiment with lots of different materials, textures and colours in a grey kitchen. Stone greys are perfect for those who want their kitchen to stand the test of time. They’re particularly appealing in minimalist or industrial-inspired kitchens, where the focus is on clean lines and simplicity.

Muted Pinks

You may be surprised to hear that muted pinks are making their way into kitchens, but they’re proving to be more versatile than you might think. These shades aren’t loud, in-your-face pinks but softer tones that add a bit of fun and warmth to the living space. Whether they’re used in small doses like for backsplash tiles or combined with other colours in two-tone cabinets, you can brighten up the room without overwhelming it. Muted pinks bring a unique charm to the kitchen and can be a great way to express your personality. With several shades to choose from, there is a pink that suits every home.

Classic White

Classic white is still around and there’s a good reason for it. It’s like a blank canvas, making a kitchen feel clean, spacious and bright, while allowing homeowners to add a personal touch with accent colours. But in 2024, we’re seeing white kitchens getting a facelift with textured finishes and mixed materials, adding a bit more personality to the classic look. White kitchens offer a base for endless creativity and you can easily make the space feel like your own. You also have the opportunity to easily update your kitchen’s look with new accessories as trends evolve, preventing the need for a full renovation.

Accent Colours in the Kitchen

Once you’ve chosen your main colour scheme for your kitchen, it’s beneficial to consider accent colours. These are a simple way to inject personality and depth into your cooking space, turning it into a room that reflects your individual style. Whether it’s a bold splashback, colourful appliances or strategically placed decorative items, these pops of colour can transform the overall feel of your kitchen and enhance your chosen colour palette.

Accent colours also allow you to experiment with the latest trends, offering an affordable way to keep your kitchen looking fresh and modern. By choosing the right accents, you can highlight architectural features, create focal points or simply add a layer of visual interest that complements the rest of your kitchen. It’s a creative approach that enables you to make your kitchen truly your own, no matter how popular the main colour scheme may be.

A kitchen with yellow stools

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Need Assistance With Kitchen Design and Installation in Weybridge?

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen in 2024, hopefully these trending colours will have given you some inspiration. Regardless of how big your kitchen is, the style of your home or your personal preferences, there is a colour scheme for everyone. At Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, we’re here to help you navigate the latest trends and find the perfect solutions for your home. We can help to make your new kitchen design perfect.

Our experienced team can support you with kitchen design and installation in Weybridge and the surrounding areas, and we understand that every homeowner has different needs. We invite you to visit our showroom to explore some different colour options in person and our friendly team will be on hand to answer any questions you have. You can rest assured that you will be in very good hands when you turn to us for assistance with your bespoke kitchen and we will ensure you’re satisfied with every step of the process, from your first meeting to the final installation. 

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