Thinking about integrating a white colour scheme into your kitchen? There are a myriad of ways that you can incorporate beautiful white colours into your eating and dining environment at home. From individual white shades to half-and-half combinations, many possibilities are available for the indoor kitchen space. 


White is always a fantastic choice to opt for; it exudes elegance, class and simplicity. Going for a white kitchen will make your cooking space brighter and more pleasant. It will give you a contemporary look and feel, that you can build upon and add to in years to come. 


If you have been thinking about having a white kitchen but are puzzled as to where to start, Ashford Kitchens have put together some white kitchen ideas for your renovation. Read below to learn how you can incorporate white into your kitchen. 


Using an All-White Colour Scheme


If you can’t get enough of white, then an all-white kitchen colour scheme is exactly what you’re looking for. Having everything in white – from your cabinets and appliances to the walls and floor, will create a truly exquisite, modern and sophisticated look. All-white kitchens are the height of style, featuring widely in the finest homes in the UK. 


Your kitchen area will be significantly lighter, brighter and feel cleaner. Should you wish to inject a touch of colour into your kitchen, then you can simply add a few chrome handles or sockets into the space – without compromising your immaculate all-white look.


Opting for White Appliances


Appliances can make a kitchen, whether it’s a boiling water tap, a smart fridge or cooking hood. A popular approach to take is incorporating white appliances into your space. This will convey class and refinement, as well as ensure complete continuity and symmetry throughout your kitchen. Having a running theme for your appliances is a lovely touch that gives stunning results. 


Pairing Marble with White


Marble kitchens exude first-class luxury and magnificence. Whether you opt for a marble kitchen island as the centrepiece of your space or quartz marble work surfaces, you will always enhance and improve your room with the addition of marble. Marble goes particularly well with white, with the pair combining seamlessly to create a minimalist, contemporary and functional interior look. It will give your kitchen a clean, smart look. 


Incorporate Natural Materials 


When choosing a white kitchen, it can be an excellent decision to include natural wood into your bespoke design. A white and wood kitchen looks quite simply incredible, combining two differing elements into one smooth design that personifies a calming, relaxing and safe space. Bringing both together makes for a beautiful mixture that fuses two radically different worlds. If you’d like to blend white and wood together, then contact Ashford Kitchens today to see how we can help you.


Modern Bespoke Kitchens in High Wycombe


Here at Ashford Kitchens, our team of kitchen professionals can oversee your kitchen project, including a white theme into your space as mentioned above. If you would like to move ahead with a bespoke kitchen in High Wycombe or the surrounding areas that uses a contemporary, chic white colour scheme, then please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01753 642362.


Our dedicated specialists have accumulated multiple years of experience in designing bespoke kitchens, delivering cooking and dining spaces that meet clients’ personal needs. We can bring your white kitchen ideas to life, creating an area that you’ve been dreaming of for years. 


You can be confident that any kitchen features we utilise are of the most superior quality; we only work with leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves on outstanding finishes, colours and design features.