When it comes to furnishing a room like your bedroom, it goes without saying that you will have lots of important decisions to make. The furniture that you choose has the ability to completely transform a room and turn it into a relaxing and individual space, but it will also affect everything from the aesthetics of the bedroom to the functionality. So, you will need to ensure that you’re investing in the right pieces for your room. 


Nowadays, there is a huge range of bedroom furniture on the market and it isn’t always easy to navigate. In fact, many homeowners find it difficult to even decide what they really need and what they could potentially go without. So, whether you’re planning on purchasing ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions or designing your own bespoke bedroom furniture, below we have looked into the pieces that most people would say are must-haves for this room. 


Bed frame 


Of course, you can’t have a bedroom without a bed and choosing the right bed frame is vital. Your bed will likely be the focal point of the room, so you want to ensure that it fits with the style you have in mind, but you also want to make sure that it isn’t too big or too small for the space. It is often recommended that you choose your bed before you look at other pieces of furniture. 




When it comes to storage solutions in the bedroom, your wardrobe is responsible for keeping the space tidy and clutter-free. Nowadays, both freestanding and built-in wardrobes are about more than just having somewhere to hang your clothes, their interiors become home to a number of accessories and belongings. So, it is important to ensure your wardrobe is suitable for all of your individual needs.


Chest of drawers


Often, simply having a wardrobe isn’t enough storage for homeowners, even if it is a bespoke fitted wardrobe that’s designed specifically for them. Many will need at least one chest of drawers and this is another incredibly useful storage solution to have in a bedroom. This piece of furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find something perfect for your room. 


Bedside table 


Whether homeowners have their bed in the centre of a wall or pushed into a corner, many will choose to have a bedside table to two. This piece of furniture is incredibly convenient and it provides you with a place to keep things such as your alarm clock and any bedtime medication. It isn’t uncommon for people to put a lamp on their bedside table too, especially if they like to read in bed, and this can be a brilliant additional light source. 


Vanity table


It is becoming increasingly common for people to have vanity tables in their bedrooms and if you don’t have space for a separate dressing room, this provides you with the perfect area to get ready in the morning. Many vanity tables will be designed with lots of storage too and all of your daily essentials can have a home so they don’t clutter up your bedroom. 




Many will choose to have an armchair or small sofa in their bedroom, if they have space. This provides you with an additional area to relax if you’d prefer not to spend a lot of time in bed. Even in small rooms, lots of people will create seating areas and placing cushions on top of useful storage solutions, almost like a window seat, is a popular choice. 


Designing bespoke bedroom furniture in Surrey


All in all, whilst there is no denying that a bedroom is a personal space and everyone’s needs differ when it comes to furniture for this room, it is fair to say that all of the pieces mentioned above are considered essential by many homeowners. So, when you’re deciding which furniture to install in your bedroom, be sure to consider whether you require everything mentioned above and, if you do, what your preferences are for things such as style and layout. 

If you’re interested in designing your own bedroom furniture, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. We specialise in bespoke bedrooms in Surrey and the surrounding areas and our team of talented designers will gladly work with you to create the perfect pieces of furniture for your bedroom. Take a look at our website today to find out more about how we work and please don’t hesitate to contact us today to arrange a design consultation. We look forward to helping you transform your bedroom.