A Quooker gives you true boiling water and filtered water, all while using less energy.

It’s perfect if you want to make a cup of tea, cook pasta, blanch vegetables or even prepare a baby’s bottle.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap

The Quooker system consists of a small tank in the kitchen cupboard that is linked to the boiling water tap on the worktop.

The tank acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape. It therefore takes very little energy (10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. It is safe to use and lasts longer than other hot water taps available as the tank can be opened, enabling it to be cleaned from time to time.

The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is flowing out of the tank, fresh water immediately flows into the tank.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap

In order for you to get boiling water from your Quooker, you must first use the double push and turn handle. When boiling water is being used, the base of the tap lights up. The tap’s entire spout is insulated, swivels and is even height adjustable on some models. The flow of water is delivered as an aerated spray, not a solid jet, preventing the risk of serious scalds or burns. A Quooker cannot fall over, unlike a kettle or a pan.

There are many benefits to having a Quooker in your home, here are some to name but a few .. time saving, energy efficient, water efficient, space saving, versatile, tasty, innovative, safe.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap

The Flex is the latest innovation from Quooker, and is described by Quooker as ‘A boiling water tap, equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot and cold water. The pull out hose makes it very easy to rinse lettuce or clean that oversized cutting board. Thanks to the boiling water stop, the Flex cannot dispense boiling water when the hose is pulled out, making it safe to use.’ The Quooker Flex is available in chrome and stainless steel and can have cold filtered water as an optional extra.

If you would like to learn more about Quooker, and would like to see one in action, please do not hesitate to visit one of our large showrooms where we would be more than happy to help find the Quooker for you!

Quooker Boiling Water Tap