More people are working from home than ever before, whether this is full-time or on a hybrid basis, and remote working has proven to be very successful for businesses in a range of industries. However, in order to be productive, those working from home must have a good set-up. Working at a kitchen island might be alright short-term, but creating a dedicated workspace is key to the ongoing success of home working. 

Being cooped up in a corner of your house, without any appropriate office furniture can quickly cause problems. It’s important to invest in yourself and take some time to build a proper home office, with fitted home office furniture. This can make such a huge difference during the working day and improve both your working and home life.  

Here at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, we would argue that it’s not enough to just clear a space in your spare room and build a flat-pack desk. It’s undeniably beneficial to invest in furniture that fits both the space and your needs, which is something that we can help you with. Fitted furniture might feel like a big step in your home office renovation but we would advise that it really is necessary and this is why; 

Create a separate workspace

One of the biggest issues people face when they’re working from home is the blurred line between work life and home life. After all, there is no commute, no opportunity to transition out of your work mindset and into your home mindset, and vice versa. It can be so easy for you to get stuck in a cycle of working past your contracted hours or frequently being distracted by what’s going on around you at home. 

Using fitted home office furniture, you can create a dedicated workspace that you can use during your work hours. This will prevent you from working in a space that you previously used for relaxing, separating your work life and home life. You can ensure you have a professional space to work where you can focus on your work responsibilities. 

Reduce clutter in your home

A hastily created, cramped workspace is one of the worst environments for home working. It’s easy to get distracted by the clutter on your workstation and it can have a negative effect on your productivity. Having a tidy and organised home office can make a big difference, and it will prevent your home from being taken over by your work equipment too. 

There is no better way to ensure you have enough storage space in your home office than to design fitted furniture. Bespoke office furniture will make use of every inch of your space, maximising the amount of room you have for storage. You can ensure that all of your work essentials have a home and can be packed away at the end of the working day, keeping your workspace clutter-free. Additional drawers and cabinet space can be created to specifically meet the requirements of your job too, so it’s easy to keep your home office tidy. 

Improve ergonomics

Spending several hours a day sitting on an uncomfortable chair or using a desk that’s at the wrong height can have a negative impact on your physical health. Aches and pains aren’t uncommon when people work from home, and poor posture due to an unusable workspace can lead to a range of issues that could all be avoided with the right furniture.

Fitted office furniture will be designed to specifically meet your needs, improving your posture and helping you to avoid long-term pain. You will no longer be slouched over your computer whilst you’re working and you will have the professional space you need to perform at your best during the working day. A well-designed home office can have a huge impact on your comfort and you will no longer dread working from home. 

Remove home distractions

Having a dedicated area for you to work from can help to prevent you from getting distracted during the working day. While chatting with your colleagues is commonplace in the office and it’s something that everyone gets used to, there’s a high chance that your family and housemates will distract you more when you’re working from home. A two-minute conversation can easily last twenty minutes, which is going to prevent you from being productive. 

Not to mention, your household can be very noisy throughout the day. Everyday noise can be really distracting, especially when you are working in your kitchen or living room. Creating a separate workspace that is away from the hustle and bustle of your home can remove several distractions. Using fitted home office furniture, you can design a workspace that encourages you to be productive. With the right fitted furniture, your home office will quickly become an inspiring space away from the rest of the home. 

Design a space for you

Working with an experienced design team enables you to create a home office that is tailored specifically to you and your needs. You can ensure that it is perfect for your intended use and you have everything you need to successfully work from home. This is about more than just having the right sized desk and enough storage space, it’s about creating a unique space that motivates you and inspires you. 

If you like to walk while you work, then a fitted home office can include space for a standing desk and a walking pad. If you don’t like the way that your printer clutters the space and throws off your aesthetic, you can plan a specific cabinet space in your design to house your printer and all its supplies. If you want an extra screen to help make your work day easier, you can ensure your desk is big enough to accommodate as many monitors as you like. You can carefully plan every element of the design to ensure it is perfect. 

Fancy speaking to a home office designer?

When you work from home and you don’t have a dedicated workspace, it’s beneficial to create a personalised space to use during the working day. If you would like to speak to a designer about creating a fitted home office, feel free to pop into one of our showrooms for a chat with our experienced team. You can drop by anytime during our opening hours, browse our displays and discuss your needs with one of our designers. We can help you to transform an area in your home into a productive workspace that meets all of your needs.