When it comes to designing your new kitchen, premium kitchen appliances are definitely something that you should consider. Simply put, in the modern kitchen, appliances are a necessity – they make life much simpler and more enjoyable. Whether you integrate brand-new oven hobs to reduce your cooking times or boiling water taps to instantaneously give you hot water, there are so many appliances that can transform your kitchen experience and save you money and time. 


If you have been pondering which kitchen appliances you should invest in for your luxury contemporary kitchen, then look no further – the team at Ashford Kitchens has put together a shortlist for you to consider. 


Instant Boiling Water Taps 


Boiling water straight from your tap – sounds great, doesn’t it? If you would like to do away with your kettle and get 100°C water immediately, then a Quooker Boiling Water Tap is just what you’re looking for. Designed by the Dutch, this impressive tap will give you boiling water right when you need it – whether you’re cooking, making a drink or cleaning. 


The tank can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen unit, straight below the tap – so there’s no excessively long piping coming from the boiler. To put your mind at ease, these taps also come with built-in child safety mechanisms and aerated delivery of water. 


Modern, Innovative Cooker Hoods


cooker hood is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Here at Ashford Kitchens, we source a variety of exquisite, premium hoods. From Italian-designed Elica hoods to cutting-edge Falmec hoods, there are so many superb hoods to choose from within our collection. No matter the type of kitchen you have, cooker hoods come in a diverse range of styles, designs and finishes. One thing is a guarantee: our luxurious cooker hoods will give you optimum performance and quiet operation. 


Neff Slide and Hide Ovens


Neff slide and hide oven has become one of the most sought-after kitchen appliances in the last fifteen years. They offer state-of-the-art technology including a specially designed hot-air system for baking and roasting on up to three levels, as well as high-tech dual cleaning options – making everyday maintenance extremely simple. The team at Ashford Kitchens can supply you with a broad array of slide and hide ovens, as part of your first-class bespoke kitchen installation.


Warming Drawers


Another appliance that can make a world of difference to your kitchen experience is a warming drawer. Manufactured by Neff, these drawers are designed to ensure that your food is kept warm after preparation and before serving. Additionally, they’re great for heating up your plates and defrosting your food. Boasting intelligent temperature controls and a handleless design, Neff warming drawers are also incredibly straightforward to install in any kitchen environment. Not just this, but they’re so easy to use too – all you need to do to open your drawer is give it a gentle push.


Deciding on the Appliances for your Luxury Contemporary Kitchen


When it comes to creating your new-look luxury contemporary kitchen, it’s worth giving a lot of time and thought to the appliances that you are going to purchase. Should you need any professional advice and guidance in this area, then Ashford Kitchens is here to help you. We can supply you with high-quality appliances from a number of leading brands such as Neff, Elica, Franke, Quooker, Falmec and Bertazzoni. 


Our appliances are not only functional and practical for everyday use, but they’re also aesthetically stunning and stylish. They’ll dramatically upgrade your kitchen area, giving you the space you’ve always dreamed of. To enquire about our range of appliances, visit the Ashford Kitchens website today.