With working from home becoming a reality for millions of people over the last year, home offices have seen a surge in popularity. More and more homeowners are considering creating their own personal office rooms to work and study in. Designing a home office though can be a time-consuming and demanding process with so many ideas out there to consider. 


From contemporary home offices geared towards technology and electronic devices, to traditional office setups, there are countless different options to choose from. Another important factor to ponder is the colour scheme of your home office. Colours can make a tremendous difference to your home office experience, with research suggesting that the colour scheme you choose can affect your productivity and success at work. 


Luckily, the team at Ashford Kitchens has compiled a list that details the home office colour schemes that are trending this year. 


Bold Green Shades


When you’re thinking about colour schemes for your home office, green isn’t probably the first colour that comes to mind. But it certainly should be – shades of green are ideal for professional thinking and focus. Green is also considered to be relaxing and calming, making it ideal for a working environment that demands you’re in the right mindset and headspace. As green is such a versatile colour, there are numerous shades to choose from and tailor to meet your design needs.




Blue always makes an excellent choice for home office colour schemes. According to studies, blue encourages productivity and most people usually work better when they’re in a blue-coloured room. For this reason, blue has consistently been highly popular amongst home office workers. With both light and darker shades to choose from, there are a number of options to consider. If you’d like to instil a sense of order and routine into your home office, then a darker shade of blue is a reliable choice. 


Half and Half Schemes


Right now, half and half themes are at the height of their popularity. More home offices are featuring two colours, as opposed to just one. Homeowners are choosing to divide walls, painting the top one colour and the bottom another colour. Introducing different tones of grey have also proved very popular to create a cohesive and modern look.


White Colours


Although many people think that white has a clinical feeling and appearance, in actual fact a soft off-white can be a fantastic choice for any home office. Soft off-whites give warmth but also retains a clean, minimalist appearance. Whites are also great for productivity, fostering a sense of concentration and attention towards work and study. 


Start Designing your Bespoke Home Office Today 


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Our specialists can accommodate any requirements you may have, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service from start to finish, initial consultation to final completion. You can be assured that our team is dedicated to designing the bespoke home office of your dreams, suiting your personal preferences and complementing your property’s existing interior.


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