A lot of the time, when redesigning their bedroom homeowners will choose to have modern fitted wardrobes installed. There really are so many benefits to replacing your old free standing wardrobes with something bespoke that is built-in and not only are these types of wardrobes an incredibly versatile storage solution, but they optimise the space you have in your bedroom too, making them a brilliant investment for any property. 


When it comes to installing contemporary fitted wardrobes these days, you will have so much control over the design and you really can create fitted built-in wardrobes that are perfect for your bedroom. If you’re interested in upgrading your existing bedroom furniture and you’re wondering where to start when designing your new wardrobes, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of things to consider when installing fitted bedroom wardrobes. 


How big you need the wardrobes to be 


One of the first things to think about when you’re designing new wardrobes is how much storage space you really need to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Knowing roughly how much you’re going to store in your wardrobe will help you to decide how big they need to be and whether you’re going to need a full length of wardrobes along one wall, or even a whole walk-in wardrobe. Of course, the amount of space you have will play a vital role in how big your wardrobes can be. 


Where you’re going to install the wardrobes 


Contemporary fitted wardrobes are a really popular choice because they can be installed in even the most awkward spaces and you should think about where you would like the new wardrobes to be installed. You don’t necessarily have to install them in the same place that your freestanding wardrobe currently is and there may be a more convenient or better-suited location. So, take some time to really think about this, of course if you speak to a knowledgeable bedroom designer they will be able to advise you.


The type of doors you’d like on the wardrobes


There are a number of different wardrobe door options available to choose from when you’re creating a modern design too and you will need to consider which will be best for your wardrobes. One of the most frequently chosen options tends to be sliding doors, but you can still opt for classic hinged doors if you think they would be better in your bedroom. Make sure you think about the style and material of the doors you’d like as well. 


What you’re going to store in your wardrobes 


Whilst traditionally, wardrobes were designed predominantly for hanging clothes, this is no longer the case and when installing contemporary fitted wardrobes, you can store all sorts in them. Think about what you’re wanting to store in your new wardrobes and what type of space these items are likely to need, for example, do you need a shoe rack or shelving for handbags? This will help you to ensure that the interior design of the wardrobe meets all of your needs. 


The colour you’d like the wardrobes to be 


Of course, similarly to when you’re designing any other piece of furniture, you will need to think about what colour you’d like your new fitted wardrobes to be. Even if you decide that you’d like mirrored sliding doors or frosted glass hinged doors, you still need to think about the colour you’d like for the frame of the wardrobe. When you’re deciding on a colour, make sure you consider the finish of the wardrobe too and what your preferences are in this regard. 


Installing contemporary fitted wardrobes in your bedroom 


All in all, it is easy to see why so many homeowners decide to install built-in wardrobes nowadays and you will definitely thank yourself for doing so. When you’re working on your new contemporary bedroom furniture, hopefully by thinking about everything mentioned above you will find it slightly easier to design your wardrobes and you will be able to ensure that they are absolutely perfect for your bedroom. 


If you’re looking for an experienced company that specialises in fitted bedroom furniture and can assist you with your new modern wardrobes, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. Our talented team of designers will gladly work with you to create a wardrobe design that meets all of your individual needs and suits your home and taste. You can rely on us to also install your new fitted bedroom furniture for you and we will ensure that your new wardrobes are everything that you hoped they would be.