Every kitchen features essential appliances, from ovens and hobs to microwaves and kettles, you can expect to find variations of the same handful of products in all homeowners kitchens. As you’re probably aware, over time all of these appliances have developed and nowadays, using the latest advancements in technology, brands are bringing out new appliances that are even more convenient for homeowners. 


One particular appliance that many are choosing to invest in is a boiling water kitchen tap, like a Quooker tap for example, and these have soared in popularity over the past couple of years. If you’d not really considered upgrading your kitchen tap before and you’re wondering what makes boiling water taps sought-after by homeowners, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of boiling water taps like Quooker taps. 


Have boiling water on demand 


The main feature that catches homeowners’ eye when it comes to boiling water taps is the fact that they have the ability to immediately dispense boiling water. When you install a tap like a Quooker tap, a compact tank with high-vacuum insulation will be stored under your kitchen worktop and then whenever you need boiling water, you can have it at the press of a button. You will no longer have to stand around waiting for a kettle to boil.


Prevent the need for a water filter 


Almost all boiling water taps nowadays also dispense filtered water too, so you will no longer have to use any type of filtration products before you drink water from the tap. The tank that sits underneath your worktop will be connected to the water mains, but the water will pass through an activated-carbon filter before it is dispensed, which ensures that the water tastes much better. So, these taps can do more than just provide boiling water.


Reduce your water and energy consumption


When you buy a Quooker tap, you will reduce the amount of water that you’re using. By simply filling a mug or pan with the amount of water you need rather than having to fill a whole kettle, you can really cut back on the amount of water you’re wasting. The same goes for energy consumption too. So many people boil a kettle once, get distracted and end up having to boil it again, but the tank used in boiling water taps will keep water hot in a similar way to how flasks work and it only boils when it is dispensed, so it will prevent you from using as much energy. 


Free up some of your worktop space


By installing a boiling water tap that can provide you with both boiling water and filtered water, you can clear away some of the appliances that you no longer need. With a tap of this kind, you can get rid of your kettle and your filter jug, freeing up some space on your kitchen worktop and/or in your fridge. Whilst this might seem like a really small change, it can make a big difference, especially to homeowners who have a smaller kitchen.


They are aesthetically pleasing 


Just because this type of tap falls under the category of a ‘boiling water appliance’ doesn’t mean that it isn’t aesthetically pleasing and there are actually a number of different designs to choose from, even if you want to buy a Quooker tap instead of any other brand. Whether you have a traditional looking kitchen or a shaker style kitchen, a boiling water tap won’t look out of place and it will likely be more stylish than the tap you currently have too. 


Buying a Quooker tap for your kitchen


All in all, it is easy to see why boiling water kitchen taps are so popular nowadays and it is no surprise that lots of homeowners are choosing to install these, alongside a number of other boiling water appliances too. You can guarantee that if you invest in a boiling water kitchen tap, like a Quooker tap, day-to-day life will be so much easier and you will probably wonder why you didn’t upgrade your kitchen tap sooner. 


When you’re wanting to buy a Quooker tap for your kitchen, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. We supply a range of kitchen appliances and we will gladly assist you further in this regard. Even if you don’t plan on revamping your whole kitchen and you simply want to replace your tap, we are here to help and you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to. We look forward to assisting you further in this regard. 

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