There is no denying that revamping your kitchen can be a really big home improvement project, especially if you plan on ripping everything out and starting from scratch, which many choose to do. Of course, it goes without saying really that you will have a number of different things to think about when you’re working on a new bespoke kitchen design, including where all of your essential kitchen appliances are going to be installed. 


It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to Integrate their appliances into their fitted kitchen design rather than simply opting for freestanding appliances and it is fair to say that there are numerous advantages to doing so. If you hadn’t really thought about where your appliances would go and you’re wondering what makes integrated appliances so popular nowadays, below is a list of reasons why so many homeowners opt for this solution. 


Improve the overall aesthetics of the kitchen 


Due to the fact that all of your kitchen appliances will be covered by a cupboard door or built into the kitchen in specific places, you can guarantee that this will make a big difference to the overlooked look of the space. Everything will have its dedicated home and nothing will look out of place. With integrated appliances, you can expect a flawless finish to the fitted kitchen design, whether you opt for something really modern or something more traditional.


Make the most of every inch of space 


When you choose to integrate your kitchen appliances, even if you have a smaller kitchen, you will likely feel as though the room is more spacious. When working with a kitchen designer, you can look at the best ways to house all of your appliances and still have plenty of storage solutions, and they can help you to make the most of every inch of space. As the cabinetry will be bespoke for your kitchen, it will be easy to create the perfect design too. 


Design your kitchen around important appliances 


Different homeowners will use different appliances more frequently than others and when you choose to integrate them into your fitted kitchen, you can ensure that the appliances that are most important to you are in the best locations. By designing your kitchen around your appliances, you can make sure that the space is perfect for you and your family, which it always should be, and you won’t have to compromise at all in this regard. 


Ensure your appliances are convenient to use 


It is fair to say that kitchen appliances tend to be an afterthought for some homeowners, which they often regret as they are an essential part of the kitchen. Of course, you will use your appliances on a daily basis, so it is important for them to be in a convenient place and by integrating them into the design from the word go, you can make sure that they are. Making things easy to access will go on to dramatically improve the usability of your kitchen.


Give yourself much more worktop space 


Homeowners usually place appliances, like the microwave for example, on their worktops which can sometimes take up a lot of room, but simply integrating them into your kitted kitchen design instead will free up your worktops and give yourself much more usable space. Many are surprised just how much of a difference this can make to their kitchen and you may even be able to have additional appliances that you would usually have to go without. 


Designing your new fitted kitchen in Beaconsfield 


All in all, it is easy to see why so many homeowners choose to Integrate their appliances into their fitted kitchen designs nowadays and there is no denying that there are a number of benefits to doing so. When you’re in the initial design and planning phase of your kitchen project, it is definitely worthwhile considering where your kitchen appliances are going to go and this will help to prevent them from being an afterthought. 


If you’re looking for an experienced company who can assist you when designing your new fitted kitchen in Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us here at Ashford Kitchens and Interiors. We have been assisting homeowners with both the design and installation of bespoke kitchens for decades now and you can trust that you will be in experienced hands with our talented team. No matter what you have in mind for your dream kitchen, we can help bring your ideas to life, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.