Enjoying time with family and friends is for the vast majority of us the moments we are at our happiest, most comfortable and most relaxed. These times spent entertaining each other and hosting groups of loved ones are so crucial to our wellbeing. But whether it is a family gathering or somebody’s birthday party, it is best to have a space well equipped to host large or small groups of people. From tweaks to your kitchen layout to home improvement projects, there are many things you can do to improve your home-entertaining space.

Where to Begin?

Today the best places to host are often kitchens — especially if they combine with another room. Over the years, kitchens have evolved to become central parts of our homes. They are now the most important room and often where we spend most of our time. One key feature that contributes towards a perfect entertaining space is the kitchen island, an invaluable element of modern kitchen design.

A lot of entertaining is about gathering, drinking and eating. The kitchen is, therefore, the natural place for this — but only if it is practical and comfortable. You need good storage and ample space for people to be at ease. A kitchen island opens up the room and provides an area to focus and build around. Station snacks, cake or food of any sort here and it becomes a hub of the entertaining space — with so much potential to customise accordingly.

Cube Fjord - Lustre Metallic - contemporary kitchen

Harmonising Calm, Clean and Functional

An entertaining space needs to be clean and functional but also somewhere people feel relaxed enough to sit and be themselves without worrying about staining or breaking anything. For that reason, durable, natural features help make rooms good entertaining spaces. Hardwood floors and stone countertops can be striking features that are also easy to clean and hard to damage.

Be on top of your kitchen storage so you can tuck things away when needed and surfaces can be cleared and used for glasses, food or as an open, versatile space that can operate according to your event. Chairs likewise should be there to offer seating — but just as easily tucked away under a kitchen island. The worst thing is to impede guests or make them feel claustrophobic by having bins or other obstacles in the middle of the area.

Friends partying in the kitchen.

Offering Various Social Options and Areas

People at larger events inevitably break off into smaller groups of people. A kitchen island makes a great focal point, but your entertaining space should also offer various options for guests. Provide a central area where people can stand but also ensure there is somewhere guests can sit elsewhere for more private conversations. Open-plan spaces allow many guests to gather. So try and design your space so there is somewhere people can break off to sit or relax.

If you have the space more comfortable seating away from the focal point works well. Two or three more comfortable chairs offer a place for elderly relatives and can also be used to provide different spaces for adults and children at family events.

Open kitchen design.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Versatile Features

It’s easy to find game-changing kitchen features in today’s market. Modern kitchen design offers a plethora of space-saving ideas. From carousel units to walk-in larder storage be sure you’ve got the all-star members of kitchen design to help you keep on top of your kitchen design and storage. Open up your kitchen and make it an easily adapted entertaining space with effective features. These aren’t always state-of-the-art, big money buys. A pull-out bin, for example, is an easy, cheap, quick fix that is an absolute must if your bin is still standing out in the open.

Another fantastic addition to the kitchen is an adjustable table. Whether you’ve got a dining table or a smaller table, upgrading it to an adjustable table makes hosting events so much easier. It’s a table that can expand for those big family dinners but just as easily tuck away when events need more space. Extendable tables come in all shapes, sizes and designs, so there are no issues finding one to fit every kitchen design.

 Walk-in corner larder storage.Getting the Lighting Right

Lighting can alter the mood of a room at the flick of a switch or a turn of a knob. The problem is, different social events require different lighting. The ideal entertaining space, therefore, needs to have multiple options. Under the counter lighting offers a subdued amount of light for more relaxed events and all-round practicality for normal kitchen counter use. Combining this with a rotary switch that controls the ceiling lighting is a must. This allows for lighting to be easily adjusted — bright for those lively parties or games nights and dimmed for those romantic meals or more relaxed events.

You can make a statement here and make your entertaining space somewhere that is effective but also stylish. Whether you’re looking for a rustic look or a sleek modern kitchen look, why not make your lighting both efficient and eye-catching? A trio of hanging lights spotlighting the kitchen island looks fantastic. They can swamp the kitchen with light when needed for optimum visibility but just as easily be brought down to create a calming atmosphere, complemented with candles.

Ashford Kitchens' contemporary kitchen design.

3 Pendant lighting for the kitchen.

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